2D || Ego Sketches

Project 3 gives us the opportunity to explore ourselves and the freedom to express it in any medium. However, we are emphasizing on the colors more, which is something new in this semester!

Since there is no specific subject to work with, I figured it would be better to list down some of my personality traits.


I drew inspirations from both horoscope and Carl Jung’s personality type theory. And from there, I came up with a few sketches for consultation.


During consultation, I realized that all my equation was wrong as I didn’t link “me” with the “setting”. Every box was in fact an independent entity. I swear the whole consultation process was filled with awkward silences and on-the-spot brainstorming. Although suggestions were given, I felt that my scenarios were a little too hard to understand and definitely not something I would prefer as it gets a little messy. I guess it would be better to make them simpler.

I filtered my initial ideas, keeping in mind that I shall not go into too much details for the narrative.

And, my final scenarios are:

  • Me (Introvert) + Crowded place = In need of personal space
  • Me (Zen attitude) + Too much workload = Remains calm
  • Me (In my natural habitat) + New environment = Being judged
  • Me (People-pleaser) + In workplace = Being pushed around

Author: Rochele Lim


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