2D Forrest Gump: Research

Art Movements:


An art movement formed during the First World War in Zurich:

negative reaction to the horrors and folly of the war.

Presents intriguing overlaps and paradoxes in that they seek to demystify artwork in the populist sense but nevertheless remain cryptic enough to allow the viewer to interpret works in a variety of ways.

People and scenes portrayed representationally in order to analyze form and movement.

  • Irreverence
  • Readymades and Assemblage
  • Chance
  • Wit and Humor


Raoul Hausmann, ABCD (self-portrait), a photomontage from 1923–24
Raoul Hausmann, ‘The Art Critic’ 1919–20



Surrealist works feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions.

Aimed to revolutionise human experience, rejecting a rational vision of life in favour of one that asserted the value of the unconscious and dreams.

I guess it’s kind of tied to fantasy

That’s why I love it HAHA

The Sun Sets Sail by Rob Gonsalves
By Vladimir Kush

I love Vladimir Kush’s works!!


Randy Mora

I got really interested in this project thanks to Randy Mora’s works. AT first I was apprehensive but after seeing her works I guess I feel more motivated to push myself in this project.

Randy Mora’s play of composition and juxtaposition is very inspiring. Her choice of images carries her style, at the same time, tells a story. I feel that there is a message behind each object or image she uses.

And something slightly with a different style:

Image result for randy mora

I think her works are very helpful to reference in this project. I like her style as well!

Hannah Hoch

I observes that she likes to use actual photos in her compositions. It is interesting how she replaces or overlaps images to create the final image she wants.

Related image

Related image

Image result for hannah hoch

Personally, I feel less attracted to her style. However, it is interesting how she replaces certain body parts using other photos.

John Heartfield

Most of his works are related or tied to the World War.

Sometimes I feel uncomfortable seeing his works. I guess he made his point.

Related image

Related image

Eugenia Loli

LOVE HER WORKS. Clever use of composition and juxtaposition!

Image result for eugenia loli

Image result for eugenia loli

Image result for eugenia loli

Elegant and intriguing at the same time!

Vladimir Kush

He’s works of dreams are classical examples of surrealism. The way he plays with composition is extremely interesting. Also, he’s use of representation is intriguing.

The kind of things he put together such as leaf and human, trumpet and elephants, pearl and sun, are unusual combinations.

However, he made them work.



I would love to reference him for painting. (off topic)

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