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4D Project 1: Picture Story-Task no.1

Task 1: Object and representation of self A very personal story                     000 Prologue: There is a saying that goes “you know yourself the best”. I think it really depends on what we look at. A person is constituted by ones experiences in life. To me, each man is like a book. Every letter, punctuation marks out their life and… Read more →

Artist Analysis: Sally Mann

Sallymann Mann is noted for using large-format cameras, sometimes with damaged lenses that admit light leaks and imperfections—to reveal the uncanny beauty in her subjects, be they decomposing corpses, Civil War battlefields, or her own family. The Controversial Art of Sally Mann From Mann’s perspective, the naked child represents the most basic, primal way to look at the human… Read more →

Artist Analysis: Wolfgang Tillmans

Wolfgang Tillmans Many of his works engage us with themes of community sociability empathy vulnerability -conceptual and abstract photographs -Changing style: willing to explore and experiment. however inconsistent style also makes Tillmans difficult to study… Four-year project Neue Welt: captured images in a depth of detail that is immediately compelling, but also suggests the excess of information that is… Read more →

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