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Digital Imaging 6 Emo Research 01: Painting

000 Initiation: Understanding emotion Emotions are things that we feel but unable to see. I think everyone feels emotions differently as it is subjective. Perhaps the intensity of the emotions we feel differ but we can all have a common basic understanding. Medium selection Honestly, I have never used Photoshop to paint before but I want to start digital painting… Read more →

2D Ego: Artist Research

I have finally decided on my medium: traditional using watercolour Hurrayy! I can use my fave medium! Here are some of my all-time favorite artists who I intend to learn from Watercolour illustrators iraville  http://www.iraville.de/blog/ I followed Iraville for quite a while already, I guess it’s been at least a year? I enjoy watching her process videos. I learn alot… Read more →

2D Forrest Gump: Research

Art Movements: DADA An art movement formed during the First World War in Zurich: negative reaction to the horrors and folly of the war. Presents intriguing overlaps and paradoxes in that they seek to demystify artwork in the populist sense but nevertheless remain cryptic enough to allow the viewer to interpret works in a variety of ways. People and scenes… Read more →

2D Mark making: Research

Action Painting: Jackson Pollock I love his works!! It captures motion and action. There is intensity in his artworks. The way he uses paint, the way he splatters it creates these powerful marks that I feel attracted to. This is my fave out of all, Autumn Rhytmn by Jackson Pollock. I LOVE HOW THE PAINT IS SPLATTERED. There’s so much… Read more →

Artist Analysis: Sally Mann

Sallymann http://sallymann.com/ Mann is noted for using large-format cameras, sometimes with damaged lenses that admit light leaks and imperfections—to reveal the uncanny beauty in her subjects, be they decomposing corpses, Civil War battlefields, or her own family. The Controversial Art of Sally Mann From Mann’s perspective, the naked child represents the most basic, primal way to look at the human… Read more →

Artist Analysis: Wolfgang Tillmans

Wolfgang Tillmans http://tillmans.co.uk/ Many of his works engage us with themes of community sociability empathy vulnerability -conceptual and abstract photographs -Changing style: willing to explore and experiment. however inconsistent style also makes Tillmans difficult to study… Four-year project Neue Welt: captured images in a depth of detail that is immediately compelling, but also suggests the excess of information that is… Read more →

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