Digital Imaging 6 Emo Research 02: Environmental Painting

I realised that my Research 01 was not enough to fuel me with ideas and theory to execute what I wanted to do.

Thus I furthered my research from traditional artists into digital painting.

Considerations for digital painting:

  • Thought process: composition sketches
  • Making use of theory
  • Texture and brush work


Tutorials provided by Prof Erwin:





Tutorials I went to google:

To summarise:

  1. Consider focal point. Avoid perfect symmetry (unless intended)
  2. Consider the story before proceeding. Story telling.
  3. Technical Approach: monochromatic approach 1st to focus on shapes, composition and construct the image.
  4. DO NOT dig into details. Do not get carried away by details!! Focus on big picture.
  5. Good references are important
  6. Imagine how it feels like to be in the space. Tempature etc.
  7. Apply dominant colour. About 2/3 of image should have similar colour range. (colour balance and harmony)
  8. Keep track of the entire image and re-evaluate the big picture
  9. Lead the viewer’s eye. Watch your flow and tangent.

Value and Colour contrasts help to guide the eye as well.


Examples of Process:

Forest Dream Environment Tutorial by Narandel


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