The Journey

Journal Entry 1 – Day 1

– GOAL: Escape out of this place
– Limited candle bits, use sparingly (7, now 6 left)
– DO NOT burn or cut the strings (until it’s time)
– Clear all traces after the end of everyday
– You are being watched during the day

Today has been a crazy day. I don’t know how long will this candle last me but I’m gonna try my best to note down everything before a new day starts and my memory resets, or so mentioned in the note from them. To summarise, I woke up this morning alone in a forest with a note beside me, supposedly from a friend (maybe?) that was previously with me. I’m not too sure myself as I don’t seem to have any memories from before I woke up. Writing this down is supposedly gonna help me record down my progress and remind me every morning about what is to come. 

The note mentions that I’m the last one of the seven that was originally here together. I should also mention there’s 6 of these journal entries, similar to what I’m writing now, that comes with this note that is dedicated to me. In each of those journals, only 7 days were recorded, whether they made it out or not. Out of where precisely, I’m not sure. But I’m guessing, 7 days the maximum time I have to figure things out. I have never questioned nor realised the strings on my arms and legs but the note tells me to never burn or cut any of these strings, until it’s time. I can’t see the end of the strings but they seem to be attached to somewhere high up in sky.

The note also mentions that now that I have “wakened up”, I mustn’t act out of the norm to spark the suspicions them, whoever that might be. Since I was awakened, I’m starting to take notice of my surroundings. A factory can be seen from afar that seems to be operating 24/7, judging from the constant smoke from its chimneys.  Apparently, before any one of us awakened, everyone were all mindlessly harvesting a 7 legged shiny blue insect that can only be found at least 3 feet underground, for whom I’m not sure. Today, whilst wandering around, I saw others that were like me but they were just mindlessly digging with soulless eyes, none of them talked or interacted with each other. The note specifically warned me to not get in contact or talk to anybody else I see as waking other people and working in a group could spark the suspicions of the people up there. At sunset, a loud bell was sounded and a bright light is lit up from the top of the factory like a lighthouse,  and everyone would start walking towards the factory. It’s almost like they were all hypnotised by the light. That is when everyone would gather and deposit their loots for the day into the factory and return to where they were last digging. It’s then when all lights will go out and everything turns pitch black. 

As said from the note, we were a division that consisted of 7 of us that’s in charge of searching the north-east area, which is the area furthest from the factory; until one day, one of us was somehow awakened (lets call him 1 for now) and discovered a way out of this place. No one knows what lies beyond this world that we know of, but 1 managed to figure it out and when he escaped, he passed on the information to the next person. 

Today has been an absolutely sensory overload day, I don’t know how long has passed since the last person left and if all of these is true. I guess I can only take this one step at a time and see where all of these gets me. If whatever they said was true, I would most likely not remember everything that has happened today and would have to rely on this journal of mine to remind myself about what’s happening. The candle is almost burnt out, I’m going to list some final stuff down before it gets too dark to see anything at all. 

– Some big foot markings were spotted on the mud today, don’t know what they were, not mentioned in note
– Search for some kind of map in past journals that states the possible location of the exit
– Use the night time wisely as I only have the time of a candle to provide light at night
– Use the night time to read up on past journals and record down all findings


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