History of Design (Lecture 4) – Reflection & Feedback

The past 4 weeks of History of Design for Graphic Design had been very interesting and informative. Since I’m a PD IM kid, I thought that History of Graphic Design class would be a tiny little boring for me but surprisingly, I found it pretty interesting. I originally thought that History of Graphic Design would just be focusing on topics such as the well-known Bauhaus, Cubism etc but I loved the fact that we went all the way back to the Egyptians and ancient methods of writing. I really enjoyed the first lecture. From cuneiforms to contemporary fonts, I thought that the content was informative and was able to pique my interest. Having the sheet of keywords for every lesson was effective since there was no additional information on it, I guess it kinda forced us to pay attention and take down notes during class. The reflection assignment every week required us to do additional research which was very helpful with helping to retain information and getting a deeper understanding on the topic we chose that interested us the most during the lesson.

From these 4 weeks of History of Graphic Design classes, I really learnt a lot about how graphic design evolved over the years and how we have came this far with the help of technology. Overall, History of Graphic Design had been a lot more bearable and interesting than I had anticipated. Thank you for the last 4 weeks Desmond! 

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