Creative Industry Report – Untitled Project

After graduation, my preferred career pathway trajectory would be to work at the art or design department of a company. The company that I researched about is Untitled Project. Untitled Project is a team founded in 2014 that is currently based in Manchester, UK and Singapore. They are a marketing and advertising form that uses immersive technologies to help their clients create unique experiences for advertising. They are a global group team of visual artists and technologists that work together to design everything from videos to events and even retail spaces.

Untitled Project works with various different types of immersive technologies such as projection mapping and virtual reality. They also provide services such as retail design, application development and video production. This is the reason why I am interested in their company as they do not just focus on one particular area of VR or AR, they also do stuff like projection mapping and 360 video production etc.

One of the projects they worked on is a projection mapped art installation in collaboration with Airbnb and Singaplural to promote Aribnb. In this installation, users are transported to different countries by the different imagery projected on furnitures in a room.

Another interesting project they worked on is the Dream City Window, a motion tracking interactive holographic installation exhibited at the Singapore Night Festival 2017. The Dream City Window is a custom made 4 metre by 2 metre steel structure which houses a 3D string canvas, which acts as a holographic interactive display that is driven by a full-body motion tracking system.

They also worked with Scoot Airlines to create an interactive VR experience that transports the viewers onboard their air craft to experience Scoot for themselves without being to be on one personally.

I thought that it would be interesting to work there as a designer as you will get to work with various different mediums and also get to learn new skillsets on the way.

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