Marc Newson

In this post, I will be talking about an industrial designer whom I have always look up to in my field of study. And this industrial designer is none other than Marc Newson.

Marc Newson is an incredible industrial designer and have created works from a vast range including aircraft design, product design, furniture design, jewellery, and clothing. He is very influential in area of product designing and is considered one of the best in his time. I particularly like how he smartly use vibrant colours in his designs in contrast with more monotonous colours which in turn brings out the details in the product. Making it more refreshing and aesthetically pleasing.


His collaboration with Australian brand Sunbeam, produced the series Kettle & Toaster. This series immediately caught my attention and he really got me thinking; who says household products cannot have an attitude? He is redefining household products and giving them a new stylish makeover.

Kettle & Toaster. By Marc Newson.



His other project that got me really interested is the Space Plane. I have always been fascinated by plane designs and how aerodynamics work. Having a space plane intrigued me and this were his designs:



Marc Newson is definitely one of my role models that I would like to learn from and be inspired by his works. I will definitely work harder and try to be as good as a designer like him in the future!

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