Digital Landscape: Commotion

Aggregated audio and visuals from our daily lives can convey a new story through composition and technical distortion. The combined video and audio above speaks to the constant bustle of life in Singapore and the extravagant city life it appears to be as a leading Asian tourist and expat city. High color saturation and a variety of video movements figuratively represent the high energy of a sleepless and commercialized country. Noises blur together with bursts of sound from cars, overhead human voices, and a continuous muffled background noise that emanates from public spaces. Throughout the piece, people walking across the frame remains a constant so as to root the composition in how this visual and noise commotion affects the people whose lives it intersects.

3 Replies to “Digital Landscape: Commotion”

  1. You very effectively accomplished what you set out to do: to create a composition that articulated the speed and motion of life in Singapore. I was particularly impressed with the overhead shot juxtaposed with both the racing cars and people walking in other directions across the space. All beautifully juxtaposed and collaged. It was also great that you were able to situate the Singapore sign in the center of the space which provided both a conceptual and textual anchor to the piece. This was extremely effective. I consider this a very complete and polished work, but I am wondering about the ending, which seemed a bit abrupt, but perhaps you intended that way?

    1. Thank you for the feedback! I did intend to have an escalated and abrupt ending that would evoke a lack of closure. In the beginning of the video, the view zooms in on a particular scene from above, like a google maps zoom in of a portion of life. Instead of zooming back out at the end, the video intends to keep you inside the fast paced and high energy life of the composition and the abrupt ending speaks to the claustrophobia that can be experienced in such a setting.

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