Life Drawing – II

Week 6.

As the title of this post suggests, we had another life drawing session during tutorial. Unlike the previous tutorial class to get us warmed up with life drawing and poses, we focused on getting the proportions right, as well as pay close attention to the details of the feet – how it arches, where the big and small toes lie et cetera this class. The following are pictures of the assignment we did in class:


The assignment Professor Kelly gave us to do at home was to examine and draw five different poses/perspectives of our feet and hands respectively. The following are pictures of the assignment:

img_8388img_8389img_8390 img_8391img_8392
I must say, life drawing has been interesting thus far. It’s amazing how the features of a model can be brought to life with lines, strokes, proportions, and gradients. Have a good day!