Project 1a

Self Portrait Series: Here Is Tiffany

This series explores a reconstruction of Tiffany’s childhood self (a fidgety, curious and dyslexic girl) which ultimately gives viewers an idea of who Tiffany is at present. The use of a painted glass surface is inspired by Flora Borsi’s series called “IRÉEL”.

Self Portrait series 1 of 3
Self Portrait Series 1 of 3: Here is Tiffany, She likes to draw. She used to have fish but they loved her too much they jumped out of their tank just to see her.
Self Portrait series 2 of 3
Self Portrait Series 2 of 3: Here is Tiffany. She sees the world in colours and shapes that do not always make sense.
Self Portrait series 3 of 3
Self Portrait Series 3 of 3: Tiffany dislikes reading words. She does not want to grow up. Here is Tiffany. Tiffany is here.

An Object: My New Legs

In this next series, I was tasked to pick an object that best represented me. My pair of crutches are one of the objects that have found its way into my life as a necessary means of likewise vital support. Juan and Julio, my crutches, became my physical support when I sprained my ankle. They remind me of my vulnerability and weaknesses. Even though I try to be self-sufficient, I still need support from God, my family and friends.

My new legs 1 of 3
My new legs 1 of 3: The lack of human presence in the photo brings the focus on my object and establishes visual similarities between the artificial crutches and human limbs. Details like the shoelaces tied together symbolise the precariousness of human existence and the possibility of future mistakes.
My new legs 2 of 3
My new legs 2 of 3: My hunched posture and downward gaze shows signs of weaknesses while the parallel placement of my crutches and legs draw out the synergy of personal effort and help from others.
My new legs 3 of 3
My new legs 3 of 3: Coming to terms with and accepting the crutches as my support. On a positive note, these crutches give me confidence when I approach dangerous situations in life.

My World: Of Playgrounds, Onesies and Toilet Paper

This work was inspired by Jackson Pollock and Cristo. The act of wrapping the playground with toilet paper represents the construction of my own world. As the artist, I have the power to construct my own world in my works. This work focuses more on the process of creating such a reality rather than the finished product.

TP World 1 of 3
My World 1 of 3: Myself as the artist and creator.
TP World 2 of 3
My World 2 of 3: Toilet paper is used to show how I am heavily influenced by pop culture, so much so that I question how much of my work actually stems from my own imagination. This is a question I feel most artists struggle with.
TP World 3 of 3
My World 3 of 3: At the same time, artists continue to push the boundaries of art and the human imagination. Like them, I hope to approach art in the same spirit.

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