Research and Critique: Costume and Textile

Featured image: iLuminate crew in America’s Got Talent

When I thought about wearable projects, i remembered iLuminate dance crew that used lights to create interesting visuals on stage.



Over_all is a lighting installation by Robert Zeise consisting of two suits with different graphic motifs using photochromic and glow-in-the dark inks. These graphic motifs are activated when the suits interact, creating changing motifs.

How the installation controls the space:

An LED infrared sensor embedded in the suits transmit information on the position of the wearer in the room. Based on the position, different types of lights are activated that react differently to the 2 types of photosensitive ink to create an optical illusion.


Future Fashion innovative materials and technology  by Macarena San Martin


Such wearable projects require the knowledge of different disciplines like engineering and design. The use of technology allows the apparel to be more than just clothes. The result is a more functional and interactive work of art.

Though this project does not use open source technology directly, open source is still used to advertise and document the project.





6 comments on “Research and Critique: Costume and Textile

  1. Hey Tiffany! Nice work done. I like your featured photo especially.
    I’ve found something alike on Youtube.
    Check out this link:
    The dance crew wore the illuminating costume for their performance. I am not sure if the lighting mechanisms are the same. I guess this one was pre-programmed so that the lighting pattern would change over time. However, your research subject is more interactive in the sense that it’s accomplished by real-time sensors.

  2. Tiffany, I wanted to provide another response to your post. Good description of the work, though I wonder if there is visual material, including video, that might give a clearer view of the work. I just noticed Yuhao’s reference to a YouTube video: I would suggest that you add this into your post.

    Also, I would like to see come clarification as to how the advertising and documentation is “open source.” We can discuss further in class.

  3. Tiffany, I just wonted to add this link to your research as a clarification on the photochromicon the special effects
    (photochromic) inks:
    Zeise’s wearables create an interesting interplay between fashion, bodies and its environment. Rather than environmentally-aware garments that sense and measure their surroundings, he inverts the pattern and instead imbues the environment with the capability of sensing and responding to the clothing.

    1. Thanks for the link, this is way easier to understand and it shows different types of inks. It is also very related to my other posts like the thermochromic ink providing a similar effect to Lauren Bowker’s ink that reacts to temperature as well!

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