Assignment 2: Sound And Image

Post-it Love

After watching the original video with sound, I thought the plot was good but perhaps it would be appealing if there was a change in mood.  The original video played one song throughout the film. It was a happy, upbeat song that foreshadowed a happy ending which may be predictable to the audience.

My work aims to show a change in mood from one that is mundane and gloomy to one that is shocking more exciting and slightly suspenseful. I hope to cast a shadow of doubt on the audience on the outcome of the story as much as possible.

What if the first post-it notes were from someone else? What if the man is already married?


Artist Inspiration:

Cindy Sherman’s untitled film stills.

cindy-sherman-image-1024x788 untitled-film-still-211

She portrays herself up as a working woman in the big city. Other times she portrays herself as the femme fatale or a vulnerable woman constantly subject to the voyueristic male/female? gaze.
I was inspired by the film noir genre that portrays a gloomy mood and does not generally lead to a happy ending. Typical characteristics of film noir are that th
ey are:

-in black and white

-overall dark mood( eg. Rainy)

-typical femme fatale (the character in my edit could be portrayed as more sexy and mysterious in her post-it not flirtations)

-Typical male detective


Double Indemnity (1994) with Phyllis Dietrichson as the femme fatale
Double Indemnity (1994) with Phyllis Dietrichson as the femme fatale

Development of sounds:
I experimented with sounds using the zoom recorder. However, I wasnt able to get the sound to be very polished so I used sounds online instead.

Paper flipping and Toilet door sounds


Draft (experimenting with different music)


Final Work
The mood of the short film is changed to more sneaky and flirtatious with jazz music.



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