Polyhedron Dreams. Research [Y1 Foundation: 3D Project2A]


I selected tetrahedron to make my reference model out of sticks.

My first model (reference model)

I was thinking to make something unique, maybe something layering, other than using simple shapes like triangles, circles and rectangles which I originally experimenting on.

I researched on layering sculptures in Pinterest:


Interactive Installation (left image)


Foam board staircase sculpture (right image)



On that night when I was researching, there was a huge mosquito in my parents’ room, kept ‘buzzing’. We battled with it with a mosquito swatter and tried finding something that could drive away it.

The mosquito coil came to my mind:


A Mosquito Coil

I researched on how the mosquito coil can extend and form a cone:



http://isilaltay.com/spiral.html           https://graphicheck.com/Affinity-Designer-Spiral-Assets

That’s the end of my research. I then started exploring ideas by experimenting.

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