Distancing Chairs [Yr3| InteractiveDev-Sketch 1]

Project Brief

  • Make a low-tech device that enables / enforces / suggests / alerts / …about social distancing.
  • Analog – it achieves distancing by construction or by the way it is operated.

Research & Ideation

Previous research/ brainstorming/ ideation : (wearable devices)


Developing something other than the wearable devices

Due to the Covid-19 situation, people are required to maintain a safe social distancing of at least 1 meter. Moving into post-circuit breaker phrase 2, most activities resumed, yet there is group size and capacity limits in place. People are not allowed to eat out at restaurant together(with capacity limits) to prevent saliva spreading.

Yet, in real life, most people will just ignore safety measures. To practice the social distancing in a fun way, I am suggesting the game of “Distancing Chair”. 

The Distancing Chairs Demo video

Distancing Chairs – Play it everywhere/anywhere 


A rope is tied at two chairs which is placed at 2 opposite sides of a table. 

When a person wants to sit on the chair, and pull the chair back, the chair on the other side will be pulled by the rope towards the table. No space will be left for the other person to sit on that chair.

This is to suggest the idea of “One Table One Seat”. No more than 1 person is allowed to sit at a table.  

(inspired by the Musical Chairs Game)

Tools you will need

This game is designed in a way that general public can start playing the game with ease.  To start playing the “Distancing chair”, 3 common and ordinary devices is needed:

    1. Two chairs
    2. One table
    3. A piece of rope

Game Rule

Step 1: Choose a person to play the music

 Step 2:  Set up the chairs face to face with a table in between and tie them together with a piece of rope (move one chair out, place the another chair under the table to measure where to tie)

Step 3: Start the music. The players start pulling backwards the chairs.  

Step 4: Stop the music. The players must sit on the chair. The person left without a seat is out of the game.


The pull-push motion of this game turns social distancing into a fun notion. It is family-kids-and- friends friendly. Also, due to the very low-tech feature of this game (1 table, 1 rope, 2 chairs), it has little barrier to set up the game. 


Heavier chairs is harder to pull-and-push during the game. A stronger piece of rope will be needed. (Can use a hair-band to secure the rope, incase the knot falls down). / Use lighter chairs instead.


1st Prototyping


Choose a piece of rope to tie the chairs together.

(Any kind of rope that is strong enough to support the pull-push-motion)




Set up the chairs face to face with a table in between and tie them together with a piece of rope.

When one of the chairs is pulled back, the rope will be straightened.

2nd Prototyping

Recordings for Demo Video

It is a fun experience to play with my family 🙂 

The Distancing Chairs, play it anywhere, everywhere

Thank you for reading 🙂

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