Manipulated Found Object. Process [Y1 Foundation: 4D]

In this project, we are manipulating a found object in a way it conveys a meaning message.

Reference Artist: Marin Roller


First Idea: Addiction

Cigarette box + Fries, Ashtray + Tomato Sauce 

When I was small, I always pretended I was smoking with the french fries. Fries and cigarette are both addictive ‘unhealthy’ things.

Feedback: Both are ‘unhealthy’ objects so the contract between the two is not big. Try to construct idea with a object which people think is healthy but actually not really. For example, certificate and cigarette box. Certificate is desired by everyone in the society, especially employers. But is certificate so important that an already skilled and qualified person have to spend years to study in a university just to satisfy the requirement set by the society?


Idea Development :

Cigarette box + Long Beans (photoshopped)

Crafting Process to create the final artwork

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