TapTalk! A Plug-in Device [Yr2 | News Media Lab]

What is TapTalk?

TapTalk is a plug-in for mobile webpages that sets people talking about what they have read. Users can now enjoy an enhanced news reading experience – by participating in conversations while having weigh-in from experts.

We wanted to solve the problem of millennial users who are increasingly skeptical and detached with the way news is presented, and create an intuitive and alternative platform for them to participate and create conversations.

Our plug-in allows users to comment on specific paragraphs of a news article, as well as filter out toxic comments to reduce clutter. A separate tab for experts in the related field can value-add and help the reader gain further insights on the issue discussed in the article.

Team Members

Journalists: Elizabeth Lee, Neo Rong Wei

Designers: Emma Cheuk Yan Wa, Minjee Cheon

Developers: Callista Chang, Toh Jian Hao

Prototype (with XD)


Tan Mae Lynn and Mugilan Rajasegeran from TODAYonline for their continuous support and feedback.

Jessica Tan and Joan Kelly for their guidance over the course of News Media Lab and Thummanapalli Nagaraju for his technical advice.

Our news mentors Kyle Malinda-White from 99.co and Rishad Patel and Alan Soon from the Splice Newsroom.

As well as our users for their time and support:

    • Nursyakir (Syark) Taher
    • Asst Prof Duffy Andrew Michael
    • Abel Tan
    • Eddie Lim
    • Laura Chia
    • Norafizah Binte Normin
    • Shaun Yip
    • How Yee Teng

Link to our GitHub Page to view more on our current coded product: https://github.com/callistachang/taptalk

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