Dream Box


So last week I presented this idea of “Dream Box” to Prof Louis. Well.. Im pretty hung over the idea of dream, and emotions, and feelings, the act of questioning what really is reality, and what is there? However Louis is right bout the usage of space though. A box will only be a box in a space.

Well Louis asked me “why are you so fixated with this dream idea?” And I replied, “because dreams are taken too lightly, they are in fact another alternate reality” and Louis asked “and this project is going to make us realise that?”
Haha.. damn… that’s true…. :/ So I was  thinking about it and was trying to figure out how am I going to challenge this notion of reality?

While talking to Louis, I remembered “Whispering Table” this artwork I found earlier in this semester.


Reasons why I thought of this installation again is that maybe is this idea of a whisper, of spirits talking, of something unseen but yet you hear it, of something there but isn’t. But the cool side to this is that this changes according to culture depending on where you place the bowl. So that’s pretty cool.

But with regards to my dream box I am at loss at how to translate it to space.

Author: Adar Ng

Consciousness will save humanity.

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