Execution Vertical Cups

So I spent the whole of Friday attempting to try the cups.

The vertical form will allow interact of two levels. Two different spaces in that sense. But what initially was supposed to be beneficial – (cause of gravity pull) didnt work out quite well. People will still need to pull the cups and stretch the threads a little for it to work.

Of course everybody had fun playing with it.



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Below is a link of the day in 20 seconds.

I titled this work-in-progress “Communication 101” just for the sake of it. Since I’m delving into this topic of relations through communication.
I’ve received some feedbacks from my friends who were in school over the weekends. Some said it was fun, people liked it, overall people played with it. I learnt, in interactivity, the element of play is important or rather it co-exist with the concept of interactivity. I am glad that I have made some progress from just hanging boxes to something one can play with and interact with. However, can I do more with this?

The Cup-Thread-Cup is just one module. What else can I do with it? How can I engage with a space differently, or how can I subvert the notion of communication? How can I play with this idea of communication?




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