Hanging them Cups

So after hanging the boxes, it reminded me of my many sketches of hanging cups instead. (i’ve in total three sketches but never thought to execute them until now)

Reasons why I remembered the cups were that I wanted active participation – allowing viewers to interact with it/ speaking through it than just passively listening to it. So I set out to attempt this experiment, hoping that it will work. (i never did this as a kid – I’ve always seen them on cartoons. but as we all know not everything on cartoon can be done in real life).


So other than the standard dangling, I thought of how you would place the cups.




I thought of a “see-saw”. Reasons being the whole idea of unfairness / justice. Or that there are too many dialogues incoming to one source. of course after researching, I soon realised that it is impossible to do have the wires all going to one cup. It will lose it’s vibration and thus it does not function.


I also came up with a “Hotline to God” – to have a bed below the ladder, and have telephone cups linking up the ladder. I was serious though. But I thought it did not quite use space the way we were introduced.

And then I went to look at our school’s lobby, and realised that maybe I can bridge distance with the telephone cup, dangling from level 2 to level one.

Or just a horizontal work.


So as I contemplated the difference between a vertical and a horizontal; is that vertical could probably look fun as the cups are swinging in mid-air, hopefully the gravity will substantiate the threads and allow vibrations to pass through better.


Whereas horizontal must be precise and that all the strings must be taut. I also looked at thread art for the different possibilities one can play with threads.


However one criteria that I must have is that it still has to be functional.

Which is the biggest difference between all these other works.





Author: Adar Ng

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