These are my finalised works!


This is an overall view of all my four pieces.


My name is… and I am a triplet.

An introduction to myself would be a fun fact, and that is that I am a triplet. Hence, the number three is drawn. In the number, there are words from movies, games, traits, activities and names that are used to form up the number three. This was done to show the different personalities of my sisters and myself and the words that are slightly bigger were the things we used to do together or liked very much.


My name is… and I wish to inspire others.

To show more about myself, I decided to use an owl to portray what I wish to do in the future with my artwork. An owl is usually associated with wisdom and is also seen as a messenger. Furthermore, the owl is carrying a matchstick and lighting unlit lamps. Through this drawing, I wanted to show that I wish to inspire others (lighting of lamps) or raise awareness for good causes through my artwork (matchstick) in the future.


My name is… and I wish to be behind the scenes.

This piece shows masks of different characters found in different movies. I drew masks because for every mask, there is someone behind it. Hence, I wanted to show that I wanted to be behind the scenes of some of my favourite films such as Transformers, Deadpool, to help in the making of these movies. I wish to be on the film set for movies, especially action movies, as there would be explosives and lots of exciting things to do and I thought it would be fun and thrilling to be able to be part of it.


My name is… and I went for Hair for Hope.

For the last piece, I drew my hairstyles from 2012 to 2016, and in the middle is an empty space. What I wished to show was my participation in Hair for Hope 2015. Why I wished to show this was because it had a huge impact on me as I really felt how the cancer patients would feel when they lose all their hair. People would say it is just hair but hair makes a lot of difference and plays a huge role in appearance and confidence. When I shaved my head, I felt insecure and lacked confidence. I could not look people in the eye and avoided outings so as not to reveal my shaved head. Of course, I got mistaken a lot for a boy, even my grandpa thought I was his grandson. Overall, this was one of the major events in my life and I felt that it would be meaningful to share my experience with others so that they would know one of the difficulties faced by these cancer patients.


  1. You really made us understand your motivation, behaviours and wishes in this assignment! You clustered your ideas nicely based not only on your concepts but also as inspired by style and artists you have researched
    Here are some simple edits:

    -Please upload your thumbnails to appear bigger on his page. Even though they are linked to larger image- it would be more straightforward to have them bigger.

    – the description is good for each image but what is missing is the main caption: “My name is…and I am..” We have to read entire description to get the concept…

    – make the post images bigger and bolder! they are beautiful!

    – at the first occasion -SCAN your final works drawings at 300 dpi you can use it for your ZINE edit
    (Final Project)

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