Chosen Library Work


This is my chosen idea but in a different location. The reason for the changes was due to the light from the windows not being able to give off the effect I wanted, so I decided to use glow sticks instead and chose the darkest spot I could find in the library.

This work can be found in the shadows of the book shelves. I think this place is apt as it kinda showed how people have stories that they do not wish to share with others, so they hide it from other people. Like how this work is hidden, it shows my own personal story of struggle and support relating to my CCA, dragon boat. The works show a person trying to tame a dragon but fails to do so and falls into darkness. But the stars (that have always been there) lights up and congregates around the person to form wings to help lift the person out of the darkness. This is based on a true story of how I fell into the darkness after sustaining a back injury and not being able to row in a race I really wanted to row with my fellow batch mates. I remained in the darkness for around two weeks, pretending I was okay as I did not want to let my friends see the weak side of me. But I broke down one day and my friends made a lot of effort to cheer me up and bring back my drive to do better for the sport.

And for that, I am forever grateful and this work is dedicated to them (though they do not know lol).

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