Sound Art

I am not a fan of Sound Art but what interests me in this area would be the ability of sound waves to move objects or substance.

This is an example of using sound waves to change the colour and height of the flames. This is resulted from the pressure variations from sound waves affecting the flow rate of the gas.

I think that it would be a really interesting sight and sound experience should they combine it with popular songs. Also, the use of water as a medium could be possible, and the sound waves could be seen through the ‘jumping’ of the water.

Chosen Library Work


This is my chosen idea but in a different location. The reason for the changes was due to the light from the windows not being able to give off the effect I wanted, so I decided to use glow sticks instead and chose the darkest spot I could find in the library.

This work can be found in the shadows of the book shelves. I think this place is apt as it kinda showed how people have stories that they do not wish to share with others, so they hide it from other people. Like how this work is hidden, it shows my own personal story of struggle and support relating to my CCA, dragon boat. The works show a person trying to tame a dragon but fails to do so and falls into darkness. But the stars (that have always been there) lights up and congregates around the person to form wings to help lift the person out of the darkness. This is based on a true story of how I fell into the darkness after sustaining a back injury and not being able to row in a race I really wanted to row with my fellow batch mates. I remained in the darkness for around two weeks, pretending I was okay as I did not want to let my friends see the weak side of me. But I broke down one day and my friends made a lot of effort to cheer me up and bring back my drive to do better for the sport.

And for that, I am forever grateful and this work is dedicated to them (though they do not know lol).

Library Ideas

I had two ideas in mind, each at two different locations.

Location 1: Windows


The windows are huge and a large amount of light is let in through these windows. The first idea would be to utilise the light that is coming through to create an artwork, which reminded me of the use of paper cut outs and light to create a layered, shadow artwork. This idea is inspired by Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker’s works. The images portrayed could be a scene, story or architecture from ancient civilisations to educate viewers about Art history, given the library contains many books related to that topic.

Location 2: Long study tables

For this location, I was planning to put several jars containing different types of sweets or snacks from different locations or tallying with the theme, and each jar containing a small fun fact about that chosen place. For example, if space was one of the chosen locations, there would be a tag containing a fun fact about space and the food inside the jar would be the Milky Way chocolate. The main purpose of this idea was to let people know more about the world and at the same time enjoying the food inside the jars to help them study better.

Singapore Diary Video

This is my video for the Singapore Diary project. I wanted to show the culture of Dragon boat as not many people are familiar with the sport. Also, given that it is a tough sport and considered more suitable for males rather than females, I wanted to show why some women still choose to do the sport despite the tough trainings and high level of commitment required.


I was not present for the actual day presentation of the eight photos depicting HOME so everything is here in this post. These are my eight photos that show what HOME means to me.


To me, the most important thing about home would be the people who live in it. And the most important people in my life would be my family. This is a photo of a photograph taken in 2003 and it was our first overseas family vacation together. As you can see, I am a triplet with an older brother and then my mum and dad.


These bunch of people are my second family when bad things happen between me and my family. These are my close friends from CJ and all of them are younger than me by one year except for one of the guys. When I retained in CJ, they did not look down on me or treated my age difference as a big issue. They were the ones who were there for me and made JC life a whole lot more fun and easier, like letting me copy their homework and helping me answer questions in class when the teacher called me and bringing food so I won’t be hungry.


This was my pet rabbit. His name is Smudge. He passed away two years ago but he brought a lot of joy to my family. I would always look forward to going home as I would be able to see him, and he would always comfort me when I am down or be my chill buddy and both of us would just lie on the floor doing nothing. My mum loves him a lot too and she would always talk to him and bathe him every week. If you look closely, at the top of the page you can see his teeth marks. He used to love to go around biting and chewing random stuff.


Another aspect of home would be the objects that make each home unique and different and personal. The most important object in my home would be my childhood pillow. His name is Ted and he is actually one year older than me. I would always bring him around, be it hall, home, overseas, chalet, hospital stays. With him around, I would sleep a lot easier and a lot better and when my mood sucks or I am very stressed out, I would hug him and that really helps a lot in comforting me.


This is my laptop. Why it is important to me is because it is my first every laptop (because my siblings and I used to share computers) and it is a macbook (I always wanted a macbook because I thought they were cool). Also, it shows my dad’s love for me because it is a really expensive laptop and he still got it for me. You may think that is what every parent would do but my situation is a little bit different. I’m a bitch child meaning I give my dad a lot of problems because we are not close since I was young and so I would ignore him often and not listen to him and blackface him a lot at home. And even after all the anger and headaches I caused him, he still got what I wanted and that really meant a lot to me.


This is a rabbit stuff toy and it doesn’t belong to me, but rather belongs to my mum. However, I felt that this was a very significant object in my home as my mum bought it after Smudge passed away to remember him. She would carry it around at home, be it sleeping or watching television or doing her work. I thought it was really cute and it does remind me of Smudge as well. Hence, I took this picture.


Another aspect that defines home for me would be the lifestyle or activities. This is just the oil we use to cook our meals. What I wanted to show through this photo was the importance of cooking in my family. Our parents wanted to make us more independent and hence started teaching us how to cook. And my dad decided that every Saturday would be Children’s Cooking Day where my siblings and I would be in charge of cooking lunch and dinner for the family on that Saturday. During that period of time, I hated Saturdays as the whole day would be spent on getting the groceries, cooking and cleaning up the kitchen.


This photo shows the notes written by my mum when we started cooking. On that paper was a list of meals that she would often cook and the ingredients and instructions on how to cook them. She did this so that whenever we do not have ideas on what to cook, we can just refer to that piece of paper. Also, since there are instructions on it, we do not have to worry about our mum not being in the house when we are cooking as we can just refer to that sheet of paper. It can still be found on the refrigerator door after four years (explains why the words are faded).


This isn’t a dance cause I can’t dance for nuts but this is a video that kinda perfectly describe my life. The first part was to show my life as a dragon-boater and it is just me basically rowing on the boat. The second part shows how I keep messing up or getting messed up by life and that once in awhile, I would do something stupid or something would make me look stupid. But, I’ll just laugh it off lol.


This is my HOME video to kinda tell you guys more about my home lifestyle. Basically, it is done using stop motion animation. What I wanted to show from this video was the common meals that my siblings and I would cook for the family because in my home, cooking is an essential lifeskill and hence we were all forced to learn how to cook at the age of 12. Why they did this was because they wanted to make us more self sufficient and less reliant on them. And so I wanted to just show a video of what kind of meals I would usually cook and how I would cook it.


For this assignment, I chose Holland Village. Why Holland Village was because it brings back my CJ memories where we would come to this place once in awhile to hang and chill. I have not been here for quite awhile ever since I graduated from my school and hence I decided to revisit the place for this project. Also, Holland Village is known for its cafes and food, and given that Singapore is a food haven, I thought it was suitable for this project. In addition, Singapore is heavily influenced by different cultures and countries, and Holland Village is the perfect example of Dutch influences.

During the A levels period, I would come here early in the morning to study in a bakery called Provence. There cinnamon buns are the best I’ve tried so far, and so is their chocolate bread.


I’ve always wanted to try this cafe, but I haven’t got the chance to.


I came across this artwork while exploring and it immediately caught my attention and I did not see any wall mural before on my previous visits. Beside it, there was a small description of the artwork and it was actually done by an NTU ADM student for an SG 50 project. Basically, it is about how cats have become common sights at hawker centres and like eating out has been made more enjoyable by them, so the artist dedicated this wall mural to these lunch buddies.



And I found a cat soon after I saw the wall mural!!


As time passed, Dutch influences began receding but the most prominent feature that still showed that Holland Village was heavily Dutch influenced was the iconic windmill and the Holland Village shopping centre. I thought that it was really pretty and unique.




I never really quite liked visiting museums as I find them to be boring. However, when I first saw this piece of work, it sort of changed my opinion about museums partially. I really do love the medium used (acrylic) and this medium allows myself to be more relatable(?) to the work due to my fondness for painting. Also, given its large scale and the different elements in the work, it intrigues me to find out more about it.

Initially, I thought the paintings were all about Singapore and its history and culture due to me having this mindset that Singapore Arts Museum displayed artworks by local artists or works relating to Singapore. Also, given that Singapore is a multi-racial society, the Bahasa Indonesia language depicted in one of the paintings did not make me doubt my thinking that it was not about Singapore at all.

After reading the description about the work, it was rather shocking to me that it was about Indonesia’s history of colonialism and her road to independence. Knowing that, some paintings were a little clearer to me in depicting what they wanted to tell, as I did study Indonesia’s history of colonialism and independence in my JC days.

All in all, I think that this is a really amazing piece of work and if I could I would love to take some paintings home.



SUZANN VICTOR – Bloodline of Peace

When I first saw this installation, I just thought that the artist was trying to create the stars/light effect as this installation was under this project called Five Stars (I can’t remember but it was something along this line). I totally did not notice in the middle of each plastic square was a drop of blood.

So after reading the description, I came to realise how the heck did the artist find all these people and get a drop of blood from them. It really amazes me at the lengths that the artist was willing to go to put up this installation and I found this work to be very meaningful. Though I still do not understand why the installation was built in that kind of movement even after reading the description, however, I could really feel the blood (literally), sweat and tears of the people who built Singapore from scratch and it makes me appreciate what I have now.

This perception also occurred to me that the light emanating from the structure containing the drops of blood could be to signify the prosperity that the country has seen as a result of it.

Overall, the museum wasn’t as boring as I expected it to be. It’s got some cool stuff worth seeing.