Final project pitch -Purifying wheels

The objective is to create and experience serenity and practise meditation.

So I researched on a spiritual object, prayer wheels. In Tibet, It’s spun to send prayers out into the universe, cleanse the soul.  Prayer wheels are used for meritorious effect such as orally reciting the prayers without reciting the mantra.

Objective for my project: a device can help people to exercise meditation and calm down. This project is using cylindrical spinning wheels. Metaphor: By turning the wheels, it helps to focus the mind and repeat the mantra. It’s a mind stabilisation technique that trains the mind while body is in motion.

User will wear an EEG headset. Brainwave is detected and the device will start blinking and showing mixed colour-showing you are not focused yet. When you are more focused, the light will get warmer, and the wheel will start turning. It only rotates when you are in a calm state.




-Light beams coming out from the wheels, portrays it’s purifying you and negative thoughts.

-Generate sound wheel the wheel is being turned.

Material use for the mockup: Layers of cardboard to build the cylinder. Scale: a desktop device.

Milestones with a weekly breakdown of tasks to accomplish.

  • 18th Oct -Test on arduino, test on EEG
  • 25th Oct -Prototype
  • 1st Nov -Deliver a cardboard prototype, with necessary sensors and lights
  • 8th Nov -Do the final product and document it.
  • 15th Nov -Do the final product and document it.
  • 18th – Final presentation, the interaction of using the final product will be documented.

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