Invasion of space -final installation

This is an analogue installation. When standing inside the “empty” space that formed by the boxes, you could gain more space by pressing the boxes. However, your space might be taken away by others.

Buzzing sound illustrates the annoying emotion arises when we feel our space is invaded.


DSC_0036 - Copy

There are swtiches installed at two sides of the boxes

DSC_0037 - CopyDSC_0038 - Copy DSC_0039 - Copy

Invasion of space -process

This is the update of my final project. My Initial idea is to  built an interactive installation by boxes. People could stand in front or behind the boxes. By moving the boxes, the motor inside each box will be triggered, hence the sound will be generated.

We have been dealing with personal space ever since we were born. Even unborn twins fighting for space in womb.

It is to simulate how we deal with people the when in the public space, for instance, in the crowded train.  People need some personal space but sometimes you have to compromise it because you don’t own the public space. This installation portrays sometimes how we find our own comfort zone in the public space. The sound is the emotion when we get frustrated and annoyed to move to another space reluctantly.

Meanwhile, the installation is still working in progress, here are the 3D illustrations for a better understanding. There are 9 rectangular boxes in total stacking up. There is a frame to secure the boxes.


The frame


The boxes


There are 2 buttons installed at the 2 sides of each box. When pressing in, sound will be produced.


Here’s a short video showing the arrangement of the wires, buttons and motors inside the box.



Standing on the surface of water

Magical Photos Of Siberian Huskies Playing On A Mirror-Like Frozen Lake In Russia_s Arctic Region!

The idea is inspired by walking on the frozen lake. In contrast, with the flowing water, people still are able to stand on the surface of water.

Sketches will be added.

How to install: for the material wise, transparent acrylic will be the platform to raise up to the water height. It will not be seen but function as a flatworm for us to stand on it.

Gaining space


When each person goes into this enclosed space small (room/box), they have to compromise each other’s personal space but also find their comfort zone. Also, it portrays the situation of rising population.


This is my initial idea. The people will experience inside an limited space, fighting for their territory.


I made some cardboard boxes, and the frame will be added. The boxes are movable, just like the pin board installation, but when you move along the boxes, some feedback will be given to you.


The idea has finalised, I will make 9 cardboards and build a frame, vibration motor will be installed on each box. Once the box is being moved, it will vibrate, and vice versa.

Familiar walk

How visually impaired navigate the places.

if the person is going somewhere where they have been before they will keep a very detailed memory, involving counting driveways, streets, corners and even paving tiles, hearing and counting buildings (yes, you can hear buildings), feeling common air currents, remembering landmarks such as the smell of a particular tree, the small bump at the corner of that sidewalk and the sound of traffic on that large street. The will use these clues and again be able to move reasonably well in areas where they have been before.

The video focuses on the footsteps with the beeping sound, it might show how the visually impaired count the steps and use their familiar memory to navigate direction.

Are you able follow the footsteps and the guidance of the sound in the video and revisit the same place?

Exchanging minds

This analogue device allows you to experience a stronger acoustic when the vision is shut. When one’s is unable to see, other senses will become the substitutes.

I want to make something that makes us “feel” more but not perceive the things by seeing and observing it.

Similarly, when you are missing someone, you would tend to think about this question, “are they thinking about me too?”