Phasing through the Phases. Assignment 3 Part 1



For the first part of assignment 3 we were asked to come up with 5 ideas. Here are my ideas in less than 20 words.

Idea 1 : A digital graphic novel. Whats to special about this graphic novel is that it is done entirely in moving pixel art GIFs. This hopefully creates a more immersive experience when one reads it.

Solo Project, Budget $100-$500.

Idea 2: An isometric action RPG. This is done in pixel art with a special game mechanic.

Duo Project, Budget $100-$500.

Idea 3: A pixel art shortfilm. Most animated films are either drawn or in 3d what I want to do is create a unique viewing experience telling the viewer a story through the medium of pixel art in all it’s 8 bit goodness.

Solo Project/Duo Project, Budget $100-$500.

Idea 4: A Virtual Reality mapping of the world or something smaller scale. With the use of the Occulus Rift I want to create the experience of exploring the world from anywhere in the world.

Group Project, Budget Very Large. Reasons for the larger budget is that a 360 camera costs $350-$500 for consumer use and around $60K for professional use.

Idea 5: An interactive installation based of my project called the Random Day Generator. The idea behind this project is to have people from all over the world contribute videos to a library and simulate a random day based on those videos.

Group Project, Budget $100-$500.

Pitching Prequel


I have a passion for pixel art, it’s like drawing with light. There are so many different styles of it and so many applications. Pixels are pixels and they will look the same always clean and crunchy. Pixel art will stand the test of time unlike other 3D games where a wonderful game is overlooked due to it’s outdated graphics.


A 2D top down isometric action RPG with hand-drawn sprites. It will be a rogue-like, meaning players have to start from the beginning once they die.


An installation art work where it is actually a large database of videos taken by people from all over the world ( or singapore :[ ). These videos will then be tagged and categorized in the data base to create a Random Day Generator. The installation will involve people just pressing a button and be swept away in a 1 – 2 minute random first person day.


Also 2D top down isometric action RPG with hand-drawn sprites. It will be a rogue-like, meaning players have to start from the beginning once they die. But this time it will follow a narrative with 3 acts similar to that of the 3 act structure or the hero’s journey. Maybe I’ll call it “Mono-myth”.


As the saying goes time flies when you’re having fun, according to this statement I can safely assume that time is only as long or as short as how one perceives it.

The feeling of playing a good game makes one feel like a short time has passed while playing it while in reality hours or even days have passed!Video games shortens transport times or at least how we perceive that long boring train ride to work or school.


To me interactivity is a two way transfer of information between two entities. For example if  person reads a book there is a one way transfer of information but if he flips the page the state of the book changes. In a sense even reading a book can be considered interactive.

What I am personally interested in are video games where the actions of the players influence the state of the game world. Games like the Witcher series where the actions of the player affect the game even the actions from previous games affect the later ones.


The Witcher 3