Phasing through the Phases. Assignment 3 Part 1



For the first part of assignment 3 we were asked to come up with 5 ideas. Here are my ideas in less than 20 words.

Idea 1 : A digital graphic novel. Whats to special about this graphic novel is that it is done entirely in moving pixel art GIFs. This hopefully creates a more immersive experience when one reads it.

Solo Project, Budget $100-$500.

Idea 2: An isometric action RPG. This is done in pixel art with a special game mechanic.

Duo Project, Budget $100-$500.

Idea 3: A pixel art shortfilm. Most animated films are either drawn or in 3d what I want to do is create a unique viewing experience telling the viewer a story through the medium of pixel art in all it’s 8 bit goodness.

Solo Project/Duo Project, Budget $100-$500.

Idea 4: A Virtual Reality mapping of the world or something smaller scale. With the use of the Occulus Rift I want to create the experience of exploring the world from anywhere in the world.

Group Project, Budget Very Large. Reasons for the larger budget is that a 360 camera costs $350-$500 for consumer use and around $60K for professional use.

Idea 5: An interactive installation based of my project called the Random Day Generator. The idea behind this project is to have people from all over the world contribute videos to a library and simulate a random day based on those videos.

Group Project, Budget $100-$500.

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2 thoughts on “Phasing through the Phases. Assignment 3 Part 1”

  1. Good. 1 & 3 could be combined – what is your narrative idea (synopsis)?
    Maybe 4 & 5 are also possible to combine – how would it work, and how would you make people participate?
    Indicate which of the five are intended as group works

  2. Hi Permagnus! I have updated the group projects and such.

    With regards to the narrative idea I was thinking of doing adaptations of Aseop Fables.
    Or sort of a slice of life story following a standard 3 act structure.

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