Perfect Pitch

Pitch 1

To develop an installation project called the “Random Day Generator”, by creating a database of videos taken from all over the world. These videos will then be put into 8 categories from waking up to sleeping with tags such as “Christmas”, “Sports” and so on. Data will then be visualized on screen showing how important certain times of day are to certain people or during certain occasions.

Funds for this project would probably be used to book a location as well as sound design.

Pitch 2

This project involves going around the world to take VR videos so that people who are unable to travel for various reasons can experience the world in a first person view.

Due to the large budget I would think that we are able to hire people to take these videos starting with the major cities and landmarks.

Pitch 3

For a Duo project I would do a 2d pixel art game. With RPG elements and a unique gameplay mechanic. Funds would probably be used for sound design.

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  1. The first (1) is quite interesting, the way you combine social media and gallery installation. It’s somehow similar in spirit to what Yiting and Danning presented: they’re also interested in charting people’s (in their case, school kids) life with a massive approach (citizen scientist?), reducing/explaining presenting ‘life themes’ artistically as film or installation. Could you discuss these ideas with them?

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