Project 1: Que Sera Sera (Process + Research for Henna Designer)

  • For my Henna Designer, I wanted to incorporate mandala designs into the font and the alphabets would be inside and be part of the mandala, as seen in the two drafts below.

unnamed-6 unnamed-7









  • To imitate the colours of the Henna, I tried using different shades of the brown colour pencils.
  • However, the tip of colour pencils are not fine enough to create detailed textures of the mandala.
  • Thus, I planned to stick to my black pen for rendering the mandalas as I could go as detailed as I want, with the finer tips available.
  • I also felt that the mandala designs were enough to imply Hennas, without the need of the brown colour.










  • I kind of like the draft I planned out and tried to make a more detailed version of my idea for the final.
  • However, I did not really like it because the alphabets look as if they were forcefully squeezed into the mandala and they do not look like they belong to a part of the mandala naturally.








  • My next attempt to kind of make the alphabets look like they are part of the mandala this time did not really work any better too.
  • I also used tracing paper this time to achieve a more accurate mandala this time, instead of just estimating the space and size of each quadrant of the mandala.

img_9354 unnamed-2









  • My third attempt to make the alphabets look like they are part of the mandala by making the ends of the alphabets curvy and eventually going towards the mandala.
  • Still did not look very convincing :/









  • In the end, I scrapped the idea that the alphabets had to be inside the mandala.
  • This time I thought of putting the mandala along the sides of the alphabet.
  • I felt that this idea was better but something could sill be improved.










  • At the same time, I felt that I should refer to a few henna designs done on hand online because the ones I have been doing are a little too flowery and can be mistaken as Florist.

mood // #comesitwithme #evileyes #velvet #hennaluna:

Henna on hand | flowery pattern:








  • Besides the idea on top, I came up with another idea to create fat bigger fonts that could cater to the size and patterns of mandalas inside them.
  • I suddenly came up with an idea to merge this idea and the previous idea together.










  • Merging the idea of having the mandalas along the edges of the alphabets and also having the mandala inside the alphabets, resulted in the detailed draft below.
  • I finally like this idea!


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