Category: Research

Project 1: Que Sera Sera (Process + Research for Florist)

Florist are always associated with flowers. Therefore, my first few drafts are all fonts surrounded by flowers. I was also interested in Artist Sabeena Karnik‘s typography where alphabets are being created by flowers surrounding it. However, after looking at these two drafts, I feel that I would prefer having the flowers making up the font and not the font made… Read more →

Project 1: Que Sera Sera (Process + Research for Writer)

For writer, I thought of using crumpled papers to show the rejected ideas that writers have crumpled up and discarded. Thus, explaining my first draft.         After the first draft, I thought it looked quite boring if all of the alphabets were made up of crumpled paper. Therefore, I tried to make the different alphabets be made… Read more →

Project 1: Que Sera Sera (Process + Research for Architect)

For Architect, I had a clear picture from the start that I wanted buildings to make up the font. Therefore, I sketched a small draft below. After this draft, I was really confident that for Architect, I wanted a thick, blocky font that is made up of buildings.   I went on to sketch another draft but now including twirling… Read more →

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