Assignment 2 Final: Zika Poster

After weeks of consultation and tweaking, the final artwork was as below:

I wanted to give it a contemporary feel hence the font chosen. Texture was also used to suggest blood stains and the sac at the bottom of the mosquito where blood is usually collected. The mosquito creates an instantly recognisable image which people can understand visually before the words register.


Certain challenges I faced were:

  1. Deciding on a slogan: Maybe copy writing is not my thing because I had a bit of trouble trying to come up with something catchy.
  2. Deciding on a layout I wanted to use: It was a little strange that I thought we had to do a sort of infographic and then I see everybody doing image-driven posters instead. In the end, due to time constraint, I did up a poster. Making a decision and sticking with it is something I have to learn.
  3. Positioning of image: I went through many drafts and mock-up to come to the final product. It was pretty interesting in the end.

Author: Fernandez Leong

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