D-Day: Walk, Walk Fahsyun Baby!

So the day has come for us to showcase our works at Mangosteen Singapore Fashion Show for RÊVE – Dream Away Internationally. It was pretty nerve-wracking as I will be opening the show for the team. I actually spent time looking at runway shows and the first model enters with a bang to attract the crowd’s attention. So I decided to do like a lilting dance that follows the rhythm of my walk and the music using my hands (I can’t put them down anyway due to my outfit).


I’m glad that the audience love it and this is a Facebook video post from an audience (thank you Galina for highlighting this to me!):

I could just watch him walk… I love it Galina Mihaleva!

Posted by Amy Ness Kingsley on Friday, 21 April 2017


I’m really glad that they loved the walk. Also, while walking down the runway, I’m pleased to hear the audience praising my outfit and some jested how the cones of the dress looks like kacang puteh cones – cones where traditionally street vendors will put nuts in.


Should have bought actual nuts and give it to the audience lol

I’m also pleased that some of the models and people there commended on my creation and wanted to take a photo of it and with it — it gives me the pleasure of knowing that my efforts for this semester truly paid off.

Final look



The module has been a gruelling one but I truly enjoyed it and learned many valuable lessons from Galina and my peers. The amount of setbacks I got from this module also allows me to think critically and how to solve those issues creatively such as the fact that kombucha’s SCOBY is not readily available in Singapore (apparently its banned) makes me think of ways in how I can come up with a solution in material choice yet still remain true to my sustainability ethos. I’m thankful to be under the tutelage of such an amazing lecturer that’s willing to go the mile to help me out and allowing me to create the final product that I can be truly proud of.

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