3D Mnemosyne Scent


When I heard of the task, I was weirded out. thinking of the different scents I had was a challenge? The two scents i had in my mind was my salonpas spray and my linen spray (basically a perfume thing that you spray on clothes instead of on skin. sensitive skin problems.)

My bad scent is the salonpas spray, and it has a very sharp and intensely medical scent. This reminds me of the fact that my dad is not with me (i stay in hall) as i have to use it to get rid of my many aches and pains. My aches and pains are very often overlooked by other people, thus I chose to use a more transparent plastic bottle for the sculpture. I deliberately chose to slice the plastic bottle to sharper edges to resemble the sharpness of the scent, and the immediate cooling yet painful feeling that you get with spraying the salonpas spray (usually i use it on my bunions, and it is extremely sensitive to the temperature change.)

The plastic bottle i sliced into two parts, and the top part i purposefully made to lean towards the side/back, and it is a more floppy structure because it is joined at one spot. This is to show the movement that i sort of make when i cringe when i spray the salonpas spray because of the pain that it inflicts. the twisted nature of the different surfaces is also for this purpose.

bad scent front view


bad scent side view

bad scent top view

My good scent is my linen spray that i started using when i was working at my old workplace, an after school care at a local primary school. the scent reminded me of the simpler times with less stress, and the kids wanting to spray it on themselves when me and my colleagues sprayed it before leaving work. it is a simple scent which smells slightly floral and fresh. many people i asked said it reminded them of freshly sunned clothes. so i went with the two points for this scent. i decided to explore different plastic materials because i felt that the plastic bottles were abit restrictive in terms of the malleability and the colours. I used a thin plastic bag to form a flower shape, and an old food wrapper because it’s yellow! Yellow is a very cheery colour that i thought would be appropriate for this scent.


good scent

good scent top view

For both of the sculptures I warped the plastic over an open flame in my room. I got blackout candles from the supermarket and decided to use them for heating it up, because I felt that the heat gun from the 3d room was way too strong for the delicate nature of the plastic bags/wrappers, and would burn through them. I later found out that the open flame is also not fantastic at controlling the temperature, but is definitely the better choice for me as i was still able to take it off the flame and use my pliers to manoeuvre the shape of the plastic (instead of using a heat gun and risk burning myself and someone else because i’m clumsy like that)

For both of the works I decided to use the bottle flipped upside down as the base, and have the top bits flowing out of it because to me, scents emerge out, and slowly crawls out.

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