F2D project 2: Forrest Gump

My movie quote is from the movie The Chorus, the movie is about how a music teacher influenced his “bad student” with love and music.

Initially I wanted to use the quote ” Those flying paper planes are our respect for you.” However, I realized that paper plane is not going to create good effect for visual image. So I decided to change the quote to “Education is not only to knowledge, love is the fruit.” There are two key words in this quote: “Education” and “fruit”.

1 2 3In this image, I use “birds” to signify “students”. “fruit” from the movie signifies “love”. Birds flying around fruit tree signifies students’ eagerness to get love from teacher.


4The image is inspired from the second half the quote ” love is the fruit”, so it shows a love tree/ fruit tree.



From the movie, the teacher is a music teacher. So we can see a man playing cello in this image. But he is not palying a “cello” but a “pear”. Remember the quote” love is the fruit”. It signifies the teacher is not only sharing knowledge (music), but sharing love (fruit).

6The lady (imagine her as a teacher) has a serious face in this image. But inside her head (mind), there are fruits (love).image

silk screening process and tote bag






F4D project 2: A dream


My story is about how the character explored herself and became mature.

This story is inspired by my friends story. He is afraid of superpower and he hates it. So I wonder whether there are some reasons behind. He is the character setting for the girl, when the girl was at the second and the third stage of exploring herself.

By creating this story, I want to show the audience a problem that most of us will face in real life, that is: the difference between ideal world and reality. For the character in my story,  she has superpower in her ideal world. But the reality is she never have superpower. The true color of superpower education centre break and drag her out of the ideal world, her saw the reality. At first she was confused, angry and embrassed. But later she got used to it. She hided her secret, she became those adult who doesn’t believed in superpower. However, her friend and hers conversation inspired her, she rephrase the word “superpower” as “talent”,  so she find a way to be a girl with “superpower”. As the saying “Where hills bend, streams and the pathway seems to end. Past dark willows and flowers in bloom lies another village.”(山穷水尽疑无路,柳暗花明又一村).She explored herself in different stage and finally bacame a mature.

Here are several stage in the character’s life.

First stage: be in ideal world. Second stage: out of ideal world. Third stage: be in reality. Final stage: find a balance between ideal world and reality.

I believe that these are the stages that a lot of audience will or have experienced. My purpose is to spread positive energe to the audience. Whether you are confused in the second stage or upset in the third stage, there are always some way for you to move ahead.

Here are some technique I used in the story.

For color, I used color transition to show emotion. This is inspired by “DREAM World” by Hans Bacher.




When the color is bright, it implies that the character has positive attitude.


When the color is dim, it implies the negative mood of the character.


I also used balck and white to implies the flashback of the character.


For pacing, I use lesser photos for some not important part of the story but more photos for emotional and sruggle for the character.



Besides some close up on the character face to show her facial expression, I also used close up for the character clenched her fist to show her anxiety and tense. This is inspired by a Japanese movie” A Short Distance Relationship” by Naoto Kumazawa.



I also inspired from literature. For example, the symbolic image of light in the darkness symbolize the character’s hope. Three repetition of these images showed up in the three transition/turing point in the story.


Moreover, the symbolic image of window and door are inspired by a saying” Life closes a door on openning a window for you,” which encourages people to be optimistic. In my story, the window and door symbolizes different way the character faces the world.


Here are some part of the storyboard of my story before I stared photo taking.

1013_1 1013_2 1013_3 1013_4 1013_5

Here are my 90 images.

3 4 5 6

Here is my narration script. The number in front is the slide number.

  1. When I was young, I believed that I have superpower.
  2. For example, sometimes before I open the door, the door just opened automatically. Although now I know that it is because of the wind.
  3. My imagination world outside the window is much more interesting than the adult’s.
  4. But no one understands me.
  5. Until one day, I received a flyer from superpower education center.
  6. I knew something had changed.
  7. I found my light.
  8. Although we did all the weird thing there, I thought that is my world.
  9. However, something changed after a phone call.
  10. Hello, mum.
  11. My mum called me and asked me the reason for using so much money recently. She asked me whether I bought luxuries.
  12. I started to recall all the things I did recently.
  13. Then I realized my mistake.
  14. I went to the center, but failed to get my money back.
  15. My light was off.
  16. I called my mum and explained to her. Even she forgot me, I couldn’t forget myself.
  17. I never talk about superpower and my embarrassing memory anymore.
  18. My world became the same color as adult’s.
  19. Until one day, I visited my friend. My joke made her laugh. “ You really have superpower you know.” She said.
  20. I was really nervous and anxious, all memory comes to my mind.
  21. How much did she know about my past?
  22. “You have superpower in telling jokes. It is a power because it makes people happy.” She said.
  23. I realized that I was wrong. I focused too much on the window such that I forgot there is a door besides.
  24. My light was on again.
  25. A few days later, a stranger came to me and told me that I really have superpower. Is it a joke?
  26. Then I realized that it was not a joke!
  27. It was a dream! I mean, everything was a dream.










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