F3D project 2: Curvilinear Volumes

p2m3fvmodel 1 front view

p2m3svmodel 1 side view

p2m3tvmodel 1 top view

m1model 1 2D sketch analysis
a1fmodel 1 application front view

a1smodel 1 application side view

a1tmodel 1 application top view

p2m1svmodel 2 front view

p2m1fvmodel 2 side view

p2m1tvmodel 2 top view

m2model 2 2D sketch analysis

p2m2svmodel 3 front view

p2m2fvmodel 3 side view

p2m2tvmodel 3 top view

m3model 3 sketch analysis

F3D Fire and Ice

Gloria and I wanted to portray the emotional part vs the logical part of what we thought the poem meant. “From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favour fire”. We felt like this showed passion which shows the author choosing emotions.

Hence, the hand in this photo represents emotion and the protaganist being dragged along by her emotions.



“I think I know enough of hate, to say that for destruction is also great”. We thought that this shows the logical part of the poem and the hate in this is in a cold kind of hate, which is why ice is used. We chose to portray logic with machine because it symbolises cold and rigid. Hence, the picture below shows the struggle of the protagonist choosing between logic or emotions and in the end going with emotions.


Poem: Fire and Ice

by Robert Frost

Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,

Some say in ice.

From what I’ve tasted of desire,

I hold with those who favour fire.

But if it had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate,

To say that for destruction ice,

And would suffice.




F4D props as signifier

part 1.images of the object as an icon, a literal representation, its physical quality.




part 2: images of the object connotes a new meaning.


I put an apple under the mask to signify eye , as “you are the apple of my eye”.FullSizeRender (1)

The bus stop signifies “travel”, an apple in Chinese signifies” safety”, combine them together it signifies” have a safe trip”.


Here, the apple signifies the absence of the officer


The apple signifies the experimenter.

F4D project 1: picture story-curating self


We say that camerists are often behind the camera. Though we are not camerists yet, this time we are in front of the camera. I feel like the three tasks is not only about task, but a process for us to explore ourself. It is the process of self-realization and reflection. Make us to think about some questions that we might ingore in daily life, but really need to consider. I am really appreciate this chance to share.

Task 1: Me


  In this task, I used to think about use items to represent me. For example, I can play instrument, so I may use instrument to represent me. However, I realized that those are part my experience,  but not my all. Then I started to think about other aspect how do I gain my experience? In other words, how do I connect to this world? Since there is saying that “No man is an island, entire itself “John.Donn. I have the inspiration to use my 3 out of my 5 senses as a media to explain the relationship between this world and me.

  I used close up in this series of photos because I want to give more details of my senses, to let the audience focus to my sences but not other things. Firstly, I used my eyes to look at this world, my eyes receive imformation then send it to my brain to analyze. This is how I observe this world and my first impression about this world. Secondly, I use my ears to listen to this world, that means how I listen to people, how I gain ideas and suggestions, and different opinions, this is my second impression about this world. Lastly, I use my mouth to speak, to share my ideas and talk to people, and this is how I communicate to this world.

Task 2: Object and representation of selftask 2-1


My object is a water bottle. It is important to me because my water bottle stay with me for many years. As a personal belonging, I will always bring it whenever and wherever I go, so it is like a watcher to watch me all the time. My most unforgettable experience was that I went for some marathons with it. Sometimes as volunteer, sometimes as participant. Only at that moments I realize that how important my water bottle is and I much I need it.

   For the first and second photos, I used full figure shot to give a overview of my action of doing sports. For the last photo, I use medium shot, so that I can not only show my action, but show my facial expression, capture my emotion and feelings about the water bottle.  I arranged my photos in chronological order as: before the sports, during the sports and after the sports. For this series of photos I try to show that how thirsty I felt after doing sports and I was eager to drink water and need my water bottle.

Task 3: My World




  I would like to say that my school is the place that is significant to me. I woud say that I am a indecisive person. I had not even made up my mind to major in art untill high school. To be honest, I used to consider more about how to make a living than how to enjoy myself. Though I changed my mind later on because I do not want to regret when I become old. That’s why school is so important to me. Because choosing course is one of the hardest decision to make in my life,  and where I stay now is the result of my decision.

  I used long shot in this series of photo to give a overview view of the place. I chose to take series photos of different staircases in my school as a signifier to signify my journey in my life. The view of back walking on the staircase signifies the start of my journey, and the process of my journey, it signifies the process of my self-actualization and how I am going to achieve my dream. For photo 3 and photo 4 the direction of staircase is different, it signifies that in foundation year I am exploring different areas though I am going to choose a major next year. I arranged my photos in chronological order as outside the school building, inside the school building and outside the school building again. In order to signify the process of start of my study journey, in process of my study journey and the end of my study journey in school. The last photo is my figure walking out of school, it signifes that: one day we will graduate, leave our school and step into the society. My figure signifies how our school build me up and makes us different.

Overview of my 3 series of photos
all photos on wall

F2D project 1: My line is emo


line03-enthrallmentline2- enthrallement









line7- rage






























Raw Pieces for 20 Lines Above

15 16 17

intern_0005_Easy-Resize.comintern_0006_Easy-Resize.comintern_0013_Easy-Resize.comintern_0007_Easy-Resize.comintern_0040_Easy-Resize.comintern_0035_Easy-Resize.comintern_0047_Easy-Resize.com intern_0049_Easy-Resize.com

F2D project 1: mark-making tool

24Here are all items we need to prepare before making mark-making tools.

23mark-making tool

22 20 21mix ink with water, put mark making tool inside.

19marking making tool with ink


start of the mark-making

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17results of the mark- making

6 5 1let’s try pour oolong tea inside the ink to see what happen

3 4 8 9There were not obvious changes thought. Maybe next time should try other drinks.

F4D The Drawing Room

                                                           The Drawing Room

 by Liao Jiekaithe drawing room


The author uses different forms of art to present his art work, which encourages the audience to use different angles to appreciate the art work.


Different art forms shapes the writing of history, affect our understanding of history. Maybe that is the reason why we need various form to document our history, in order to restore history objectively.

F3D object critique

LIFE EG FRONTThe first picture is the front viewof a stapler, the blue part is the dominant, the silver part besides the blue part is subdominant, the bottom is the subordinate.
LIFE EG SIDEThe second picture is the side view. The blue part is d, the silver part besides the blue part is sd, the bottom is the so.


LIFE EG TOPThe third photo is the bottom view. The blue part is d, the silver part is sd, the black hole in the middle of the blue part is so.

F3D project 1: Rectilinear Volumes

MODEL1 FRONTsketch model 1 (final model)front view

MODEL1 SIDEsketch model 1 side view

MODEL1 TOPsketch model 1 top view


2D sketch models analysis for model 1

MODEL2 FRONTsketch model 2 front view

MODEL2 SIDEsketch model 2 side view

MODEL2 TOPsketch model 2 top view



2D sketch models analysis for model 2
MODEL3 FRONTsketch model 3 front view

MODEL3 SIDEsketch model 3 side view

MODEL3 TOPsketch model 3 top view