F4D 2 Meta: Authority

For authority, I am inspired by the animation Gangsta


In this animation, those people who called “twilight” has the superpower include 5 grade: S, A, B, C, D (descending). I am inspired from this.

  In my world. People’s superpower is from SSS, SS, S, A, B, C (descending) . The society’s hierarchy is determined by people’s degree of power. C will enter lower class, B will enter middle class, A will enter upper class. Those people who have power above S will  work in government. SSS will have the strongest authority.

  Most people don’t have emotion connection to their family. But for those people  who have emotion connection to their family, would like do training to increase their superpower. By increase their superpower, their will be able to enter higher hierarchy in society and then provide better quality of life for their family.  However, once their power and social status change, government will reassign them into a new family. So here is the dilemma. In order to find out the secret about how exactly the government assign their citizens into different family, some people increase their superpower above S then work for government. But those people who work for government will lose their memory, of course, lose their family. This is the opportunity cost.