F3D project 2: Curvilinear Volumes

p2m3fvmodel 1 front view

p2m3svmodel 1 side view

p2m3tvmodel 1 top view

m1model 1 2D sketch analysis
a1fmodel 1 application front view

a1smodel 1 application side view

a1tmodel 1 application top view

p2m1svmodel 2 front view

p2m1fvmodel 2 side view

p2m1tvmodel 2 top view

m2model 2 2D sketch analysis

p2m2svmodel 3 front view

p2m2fvmodel 3 side view

p2m2tvmodel 3 top view

m3model 3 sketch analysis

F3D object critique

LIFE EG FRONTThe first picture is the front viewof a stapler, the blue part is the dominant, the silver part besides the blue part is subdominant, the bottom is the subordinate.
LIFE EG SIDEThe second picture is the side view. The blue part is d, the silver part besides the blue part is sd, the bottom is the so.


LIFE EG TOPThe third photo is the bottom view. The blue part is d, the silver part is sd, the black hole in the middle of the blue part is so.

F3D project 1: Rectilinear Volumes

MODEL1 FRONTsketch model 1 (final model)front view

MODEL1 SIDEsketch model 1 side view

MODEL1 TOPsketch model 1 top view


2D sketch models analysis for model 1

MODEL2 FRONTsketch model 2 front view

MODEL2 SIDEsketch model 2 side view

MODEL2 TOPsketch model 2 top view



2D sketch models analysis for model 2
MODEL3 FRONTsketch model 3 front view

MODEL3 SIDEsketch model 3 side view

MODEL3 TOPsketch model 3 top view