F4D Project 3: Genre and Narrative – the Net

the NET

Video link

the NET – YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txn1LCQfSGk

Done by: Natasya, Jane



The story is about a girl who is unwanted by her father and stepmother, got comfort from a online stranger. She decided to meet the stranger, but kidnapped by the stanger, then she struggled and tried to get out of the place.


Our film is based on “Hansel and Gretel “. Hansel and Gretel is about two young brother and sister kidnapped by a witch living deep in the forest in a house constructed of cake and confectionery. The two children save their lives by outwitting her.

We try to add a modern twist to the fairy tale.

Firstly,  we designs a online hoax instead of a candy hoax based on modern background.

Archetypal Character

 Secondly, we try to combine two characters Hansel and Gretel’s personalality into one character. In original story, Gretel is cowardly while Hansel is brave. In our new story, we design Gretel to be cowardly at first, but with the development of the story, the character growth to be a brave person.

 However, we still try to keep the concept of the original fairy tale.

Dramatic Structure



Hansel and Gretel MMMMMMMMMMMMMthe Net
1.Exposition The stepmother and father decide to abandon the kids in the woods. Gretel’s first phone call, her father doesn’t allowed her to go back home.
2. Inciting Incident The stepmother and father abandon the children again. Hansel and Gretel failed to find home. Gtetel’s second phone call. Her father doesn’t want to visit her.
3. Rising Action 3.Hansel and Gretel  discover a in a house constructed of cake and confectionery. Hungry and tired, the children begin to eat the rooftop of the candy,  the children enter the house which belongs to a witch. The online stranger comforts Gretel online, they decide to meet.
4. Climax The witch locks Hansel in a cage, and forces Gretel into becoming a slave. The online stranger kidnaps Gretel.
5.Resolution Gretel kills the witch then frees Hansel from the cage Gretel struggles then gets free from the rope, found her weapon and be prepared to againsts the stranger.


1 2 3 4 5 6


Shot Compositions

For shoting, it is hard to take different range of shots at the same time. So we shot our film in the order of  long-rang shots, full figure shots, mid-range shots, close-up shots. Then combine them together during editing.

For lighting, we have a scene (which is the last scene) in a dark room. We turned of most of the light but just leave one light. But we soon realized that if the light is too dim, it will be difficult for us to shot, so we decide to shot in a normal light first, then change the color during editing later.

Editing Techniques

We have long-rang shots, full figure shots, mid-range shots, close-up shots in order, so what we need to do is to combine them.

For color correction, we set the color into black and white to represent the past, then set the normal color but with less saturation to represent the present. Initially we wanted to use white subtitle, but we realized that white is unclear expecially when some scene are black and white, so we change the subtitle into yellow.

For sound, in order to avoid noise, we delect the initial sound of dialogue during shotting, then re-record it in a quite place. Moreover, when there is a dialogue, we will lower the volume of background music, so that two sounds won’t mix together.

For background music, initially we used the horror music, but doesn’t really fit out film. Our finally background music is called “Heart cry”by Drehz, which is actually a song that usually used for contemporary dance. We choose this song because it has different layers, which gives the feeling of gradation when the story develops.

Drehz – Heart cry choreography by Tanya Hrestina Ukraine Nikolaev – YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSvE86J6Vig


We are also inspired by some trailer online.

Trust – Trailer – YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlXj9VGHDaM

Hard Candy (2005) Official Trailer #1 – Patrick Wilson, Ellen Page Movie HD – YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvx0m2SeOSk


Not only storyboard, we also prepare screenplay before film shot, so we can have a clearer idea about how should the actor and actress act during the shot.

the Net-Screenplay

Characters: Gretel, Wilson, Gretel’s father


Gretel stays alone in her room, she hesitates for a long time, but finally decides to make a phone call to her father.



Daddy, am I allowed to go home during holiday?


I am afraid not, darling.

Gretel puts the phone down, keeps silence.




Gretel frowns at the computer screen and types in front of the computer.



People who I love gave me up, no one wants me, what’s the point for me to stay in this world?

Gretel bends over the desk and cries. She is surprise when she received a message


Be optimistic. There is always someone need you in this world.

Gretel stares at the reply for a long time and smiles.



Gretel takes the phone then put down the phone. Finally, she makes a phone call to her father.


(Carefully but hopefully)

Daddy, please, can you visit me during holiday?


I am afraid not, darling.

Gretel signs



Gretel stared at Wilson’s name on the computer screen for a long time. Finally she types.


I don’t know you, but I really want to meet you……Should we meet, Wilson?

She hesitates for a long time, but finally clicks: “Send.”



Gretel looks hapy.





My father doesn’t want me to go home, because my stepmother doesn’t like me, what should I do?

Gretel feels cold and hugs herself, Wilson takes out his jacket and passes it to Gretel. Gretel cries for a while then raises her head, Wilson passes a tissue to her.



It’s okay, everything will be alright.

Gretel uses the tissue to wipe her tear, but stars coughing. Wilson passes aa cup of water to Gretel. Gretel drinks the water, then looks at Wilson.



Wilson, I feel sleepy.


(Smiles and hugs Gretel)

Have a nap.



Gretel wakes up. Looks at the surrounding and feels scared. Lower her head. Remember  her father’s saying. Slowly raises her head, looks determined ( Hansel part). She clams down. Find a tool, struggle then gets away from the ropes (takes a long time). She hears the sound of steps. She is scared again. She looks around and notices another tools under human skeleton, hestitates but plucks up the courage to picks up the tools. She hears the sound of steps. She stands besides the door, grabs the tool then slowly raises it with determination.