F2D project 2: Forrest Gump

My movie quote is from the movie The Chorus, the movie is about how a music teacher influenced his “bad student” with love and music.

Initially I wanted to use the quote ” Those flying paper planes are our respect for you.” However, I realized that paper plane is not going to create good effect for visual image. So I decided to change the quote to “Education is not only to knowledge, love is the fruit.” There are two key words in this quote: “Education” and “fruit”.

1 2 3In this image, I use “birds” to signify “students”. “fruit” from the movie signifies “love”. Birds flying around fruit tree signifies students’ eagerness to get love from teacher.


4The image is inspired from the second half the quote ” love is the fruit”, so it shows a love tree/ fruit tree.



From the movie, the teacher is a music teacher. So we can see a man playing cello in this image. But he is not palying a “cello” but a “pear”. Remember the quote” love is the fruit”. It signifies the teacher is not only sharing knowledge (music), but sharing love (fruit).

6The lady (imagine her as a teacher) has a serious face in this image. But inside her head (mind), there are fruits (love).image

silk screening process and tote bag