F4D Meta: Fashion

For fashion, I am inspired by the fashion during Jin dynasty. Here is the background information of Jin dynasty.

“The Jin dynasty distinguished as the Sima Jin and Liang Jin, was a Chinesesdynasty, empire, and era traditionally dated from ad 265 to 420. It was founded by Sima Yan son of Sima Zhaowho was made Prince of Jinand posthumously declared the founder of the dynasty. It followed the Three Kingdomsperiod (220-280 AD), which ended with the conquest of Eastern Wuby the Jin.”

Here are some costume during that dynasty.



During Jin Dynasty, government officials have their official robe depending on the hierarchy from official rank 1 to grade 9 (descending). Officials above rank 5 wear purple robe. Officials  in rank 6 or below grade 6 wears red and green robe. I am inspired from this.

In my world, the costume will be similar to the style of costume during Jin dynasty. For government officials, S wears green robes, SS wears red robes and SSS wears purple robes.


F4D 2 Meta: Authority

For authority, I am inspired by the animation Gangsta


In this animation, those people who called “twilight” has the superpower include 5 grade: S, A, B, C, D (descending). I am inspired from this.

  In my world. People’s superpower is from SSS, SS, S, A, B, C (descending) . The society’s hierarchy is determined by people’s degree of power. C will enter lower class, B will enter middle class, A will enter upper class. Those people who have power above S will  work in government. SSS will have the strongest authority.

  Most people don’t have emotion connection to their family. But for those people  who have emotion connection to their family, would like do training to increase their superpower. By increase their superpower, their will be able to enter higher hierarchy in society and then provide better quality of life for their family.  However, once their power and social status change, government will reassign them into a new family. So here is the dilemma. In order to find out the secret about how exactly the government assign their citizens into different family, some people increase their superpower above S then work for government. But those people who work for government will lose their memory, of course, lose their family. This is the opportunity cost.

F4D2 Meta: Home

Hey everyone. Basically, I am inspired by the animation BLEACH, there is a place called Rukongai ( Wandering Soul City). It is where souls live when they arrive in Soul Society. Souls dwell until they are reincarnated into the human world.

The Human World and Soul Society are parallel to each other and are two sides of the same coin. Families separated by death are rarely reunited in the Soul Society unless they arrive in Soul Society together. People live nestled together like a family of strangers.




“Rukongai is full of families that are not related by blood.” Here is what interested me. How can people become families even without blood relation?

Therefore, I decide to create a world. In this world, all families are without blood relations, what bonds them together is their powers. The Government  defines different types and levels of powers, then assign their citizens to group into different families. Citizens don’t have the right to choose their families. Moreover, once some of the citizen’s power growth,  the government will evaluate his or her power, then reassign them to new family according to their power. Should we call it a “family”? Should we call it a “home’?  That is the dilemma and irony of this world.