IMAG09814 x A3 Black board with 18 emotion strips each measuring 257mm by 60mm

DSC05339DSC05336  DSC05340 DSC05341


AnxiousAnxious (Black pen on drawing paper)

Anxious feels like a feeling of worry and nervous. The feeling of not being able to calm down, and thus short lines are used to form circles of various sizes to show the feeling of unease and uncomfortable of being surrounded by “something”.

EmbarrassedEmbarrassed (Black marker on drawing paper)

When one is embarrassed, one feel really scared and the immediate need to hide oneself. Thus there is a separation between white and black to show the action of hiding/covering up. Small white slits are left behind to show that even though one is trying to hide there is still the curiosity that cause one to not totally cover up but leave some space for peeping.

BizarreBizarre (Chinese ink on drawing paper)

Bizarre is a scary feeling, one that is weird and out of the world. A mixture of water and Chinese ink is used to create a pattern that is disorganised and invading, that kinds of gives creeps when one take longer look at it.

ExhaustedExhausted (Compressed charcoal on drawing paper)

Exhausted, used up.

FragileFragile (0.05 micron drawing pen on drawing paper)

Fragile, a small damage will lead to the spread of the crack. Thin lines are used to further express the feeling of fragile as it symbolises weak and breakable.

SystematicSystematic (Various black pen on drawing paper)

A range of lines with different thickness is used to create a pattern that looks like a bar code. The different vertical lines creates a sense of systematic even though they are not identical. The way it is arranged give rise to the feeling of systematic.

LricalLyrical (Foam and Chinese ink on drawing paper)

Lyrical gives me a feeling of something that is nice and soothing, something that is related to music and beauty. Foam cut into square shape is dipped into Chinese Ink and repeatedly stamped on the paper to create a repeating pattern that is disorganised yet organised. It is something that is created through the use of repeated form with slight changes to it just like music note.

TurbulentTurbulent (Willow charcoal on drawing paper)

The first word that came into mind when I think of turbulent is waves. Charcoal is turned around the paper just like how waves hit the shore to create this work of turbulent both in the process and final work.

NonsensicalNonsensical (Black marker on drawing paper)

Doesn’t make sense, does not mean anything, just random lines of random thickness.

DSC05337Psychotic (Chinese ink and salt on drawing paper)

Out of the world, cannot be understood by average human. No obvious recognisable patterns. Scary and amazing feeling.

AmbiguousAmbiguous (Black pen on drawing paper)

Have no idea where is the start or where is the end. Can’t make the decision. Don’t know where it would lead to and which path to follow.

DistractedDistracted (Chinese ink on drawing paper)

Distracted, not focused (ink drips on paper)

SensualSensual (Black pen on drawing paper)

Intertwining lines, like body and muscles touching each other and interacting. Feel of touch.

SlovenSensual (Chinese ink and tissue paper on drawing paper)

Messy and untidy, tissue used to clean up the mess results in dirty pattern which show that one is careless.

SponaneousSpontaneous (Water and Chinese ink on watercolour paper)

Spontaneous is something that happens without external stimulus, it comes from within. Ink is dripped on paper that has water pre-spread on it. Ink is allowed to flow spontaneously on the paper without any interruption.

AggressiveAggressive (Chinese ink on drawing paper)

Attack, powerful, strong and sharp lines. Fingers dipped in ink moves around the paper quickly to show the speed and aggressiveness.

AwkwardAwkward (Conté à Paris Pierre Noire B on drawing paper)

Feeling uneasy, uncomfortable. Something is just not right. The presence of strong sharp lines in shade and presence of shade in straight black sharp lines.

IndecisiveIndecisive ( Black pen on drawing paper)

Can’t decide on the result. Too many possibility.




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