DSC05334List of materials used for creating the lines (from top left)



Square foam

Micron 0.1 and 0.05

Uni-ball Signo 0.38 black


Chinese Ink

Tissue paper

Conte A Paris Pierre Noire B

Compressed charcoal

Willow Charcoal


Materials tried but not used in final work




Circle stamp


DSC05342Definitions of the emotions

DSC05343DSC05344Initial draft done on given layout paper. With notes on personal interpretation of the emotions.

DSC05345DSC05346DSC05347DSC05348DSC05349DSC05356DSC05355DSC05354DSC05353DSC05352DSC05358DSC05351DSC05350DSC05357Various experimentation done in the process book.

IMAG0885IMAG0886(Above process, below end product)

Sometimes the process fare so much better than the final product. However by nature of water medium, the process would always turn out different from the final product.

IMAG0994Sometimes there are things that can only be seen on the physical copy of the strips. For example the texture and shininess of the salt on this “psychotic” strip.

DSC05360DSC05359Here are some strips that are discarded because they do not convey or express as well as the final strip chosen.

Final choice of layout, 4 x A3 size paper. This is the only dimension where the strips are the thickest (257mm x 60mm) as compared to that of the A1 format and A2 format (554mm x 25mm and 391mm x 44mm). Reason why this layout is picked is because firstly, it is easier to work on, secondly, it is easier to bring around without damaging the paper and lastly because it fits most of my emotion best.


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