Ego Process

Initial concept and Brainstorming

For the concept of EGO I was going for a more comical and visual approach. One which the audience can understand even without me explaining. Something literal and fun.


First Draft

In the first draft, the colours are added in to introduce the overall approach I am going to take. For the first row it is a transition from black and white to colours. For the second row it is the increase in saturation of the colours. For the third row it is the play with the vibrant colours. And for the last row there is again a decrease in saturation.

2d ego

Second Draft

For the second draft most of the drawings are completed.


Fine tuning

Some images are found to be not as satisfactory so I redrew and edited some of the images.


download (1)downloaddownload (2)download (3)download (4)

For this image two version of pattern are being tested out for the background, and eventually the one on the right is chosen to match the previous box and also best fit the meaning of it. A better me, hardworking filled with confidence. 
download (5)

Final Draft

So after all the editing is done, the problem comes down to mounting. And the white mounting is chosen to better fit the mood of the images.

black borderwhite border


The images are printed and mounted on to a A0 size white paper. The mathematical signs are made using black papers. For the description I choosed to print it instead of writing it to match the whole presentation. The font used is Amatic SC, it is picked based on the slightly cute and handwritten feel, but still retain the neatness. The description are kept short so that the words can be printed big, and also at the same time to retain the simplicity of this work.


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