I see this project as a way to express myself, so I picked the medium I am most familiar with, digital painting.

The overall tone of this project is warm and bright.white border



Me, I see myself as a very boring person. However, through meeting many people and friends, they add colours to my life and made my life interesting. And thus,

A Lonely Boring Me(Monochrome) + Friends and People(Colours) = Me

I picked a cat to represent myself as I want to be free and lazy like a cat. The cat character used in this series is actually one of the character I created, and I picked it because it is yellow in colour and yellow is a fun and joyful colour.

Better Me

download (1)

I am actually a very lazy person, and I believe that without laziness I can accomplish so much more, thus making me a better person.

Lazy me – Laziness = Better Me

A vacuum cleaner is used to suck away all the “laziness” to change me from a lazy person to a hardworking one filled with confidence.

There is also a gradual increase in saturation to change the character from soft and fluffy to a more solid and energetic one. Red colour is also used to signify energy.

Ideal Me

download (2)

So after a better me is achieved, what I need is the skills that would allow me to work in the industry I want and making myself rich!

Better Me X Skills = Ideal Me!

The background of the first image is the same as the one from the last frame to ensure continuity in the flow. Straight line and blue background is used for the second image to signify professionalism and intelligence. And for the last image I chosed to use coins to signify richness and money to maintain the warm tone of the whole project.

Me in five years

download (3)

Hopefully I would be working in the art industry in five years time, and by that time I believe I would most likely be tired and sleep deprived.

Tired Me + Bed = Sleeeeeep

The first image is toned down to a dirty looking yellow to show the tiredness, and in contrast a soft pink is used to paint the bed. And with the bed I would be enjoying sleep in bed! The message I want to convey in the last image is that, even though I am tired I am still enjoying what I am doing 😀




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