Typographic Portrait exploration

After researching from the last update, I started to explore on how I could best present my ideas and what are the attributes I want to work on.

Below are some drafts I did using digital methods






Other than digital drafts I also explored on traditional medium



various experiment with Chinese ink water and salt



sketches and experiment with correction fluid,washi tape and black paper

Before I started on my sketches and experimentation, I came up with various attributes which I thought fits me. However I find it very difficult to find the six attributes that I would use for this project, and thus I decided to go with experimentation first.

Below list the various attributes and ideas I came up with, its kind of messy though

Ability to speak 3 languages English,Chinese and Japanese

Like clouds, free, light minded

Night owl, glow in the dark, computer screen,silent,low/high contrast

Liquid, correction fluid,dissolved by oil, type of oil used

Layering colours, salt/sugar adding in shape of name

Employment of mixed media, crackling effect of mixture of poster and watercolour

Myopia,blurry vision, inking techniques

Type of medium employed,food colouring, spray paint, washi tape, hands, branches, stamping

After consultation, I decided I would focus on one topic for all 6 compositions. I would most probably be going with illustration, and the topic chosen is animals. The compositions are going to come in sets of pairs, that is, eventually there is going to be three sets of attributes related to animals.


Brainstorming on various ideas that might be workable for this format

Animal vs Anthro

Pet vs Food

Alive vs Dead

Cat vs Dog

Tamed vs Wild

Land vs Sea

Carnivore vs Herbivore

Giant vs Miniature

Real vs Imaginary

Actual vs Cartoon

Footprints, patterns, camouflage, animal language, blood

Other than the comparison between the pairs, there’s is also going to be something that links all 6 compositions together,either the way it is presented or a motif that is present in all six. Regarding the format of presentation, I thought of standardising by using either medium (digital/traditional) or colours (BW/colours), so that the six comes as a whole.

Here’s another draft I did which might be a plausible composition


name appearing on the cat’s pattern

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