3D Mnemosyne’s Scent: Planes


What I learnt in class:


Straight axis plane

Bent axis plane

Curved axis plane

Complex axis plane






Task: To create planes using art card.

I started right away with cutting the art card. I believe that the touch with the material will guide me along during the process of crafting.

Process photos


My classmates and I found huge foam boards at the rubbish area.

Indeed, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Anyways some of us used it for our base.

 Playing around:




2D Sketch Analysis

I got really confused trying to draw the 2D sketch model. The art card is all white so it is difficult to see. Most of the time I’m trying to figure out which part is where.

I guess it’s obvious I accidentally coloured wrongly and tried correcting it.

I think I could have made the SO and SD more distinctive. I tried challenging it but I guess I failed. I made the SD strip thinner but longer than the SO. However, from some views, the SO and SD looks confusing.

I figured I should work on that.





2D Sketch Analysis

I think this model is better than the previous. I realised I have a thing for curved planes. I like curls. (?)

To me it’s really interesting. It reminds me of grape vines.

At least my SD and SO aren’t that messed up here.




Drawing the 2D sketch model analysis is really tough. I think I kind of dug my own grave since I used mostly curved planes. Serves me right.

Anyways, I managed to sketch it, with my non-existent drawing skills.

I hope it was accurate.

Other than the pain of sketching it, I learned about 2D and 3D planes. I think the interaction of different planes is extremely intriguing.

Relating it back to real life, I think my school (ADM building) made use of curved planes too.

There’s literally curved walls everywhere.

Now I’m going to start seeing things differently.

I wonder if I’d get dizzy walking around inside.

Maybe even the interior is curved.


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