Week 9 – Project Proposals, refined

Proposal 1


  • MRT Payment system
  • Carrying behaviour (Chipchase reading)

Theres so much we have to carry around with us everyday and our phone seems to be the most important of them all with so much stored on it. It would be so much easier if all the items we needed each day could be compressed into one thing or device. App? Wearable wristband?

Myo gesture control armband is used to control your devices through natural gestures which translate to certain commands… but isn’t an attractive product and is just an extra device for us to use.


Pushing this concept forward, I propose a wrist worn product that responds to the issue we have of carrying so much around. If it could act as our phone, keys and money while also being worn on our wrist it would be harder to forget and easier to manage all these things.


Paddle is a shape-shifting prototype smart phone. It unfolds for a map, scrolls a list in a circular loop, or flips “pages” for viewing album photos.

The phone/screen could wrap around your wrist? Be removed for use or left on for less intensive uses that don’t need a large screen area.

It could address the following items

  • Keys – be a sensor/swipe access
  • Money – act as a ‘pay wave’ or non-contact type of payment transfer (also for MRT tag on and tag off actions)
  • Phone – have a screen to use apps

Other features

  • Make interaction with the user easier and generally less
  • Programme gestures to be recognised as a command -moving wrist, tensing arm, clicking etc.
  • As the screen would be very small, perhaps a projector function to enlarge the screen and enhance viewing
  • Intuitive device -little learning required as this would put users off


Proposal 2


  • Long transportation time
  • MRT/stations boring
  • Dead spaces
  • Queueing and waiting

Proposal – bring interactive media and play to mundane MRT stations. This concept can combine advertising/marketing with public installation. It enhances the area and makes people want to interact and enjoy the space, it brings it and the people in it to life while also promoting Future World exhibition (or another current exhibition/product/art). The MRT user experience is improved by being distracted with something to do -play and interact with the space.



This idea on the MRT trains could also be useful in encouraging interaction with the space as well as others. The journey is usually very boring and people mostly appear to travel alone so why not talk to others there or simply enjoy this time more by playing.


Proposal 3


  • Language/cultural/knowledge barriers when travelling abroad
  • Getting lost
  • Lack of information

Proposal – an app that uses the camera to recognise your location and provide relevant information

1-4 1-3


  • provide location information – where you are/whats around/events nearby
  • show cultural information relevant to place – how to behave/recommendations
  • translate languages/find definitions
  • mapping – see route in front of you/guide is more understandable

I considered having a transparent glass phone, but what functions would this allow that a camera does not?