Week 7+8 Assignment – Thoughtful UX Design


Uber is very well-known and popular due to its great use of UX and UI design.


  • clear and clean design -minimal colours used
  • easy to navigate and use app
  • use of tracking and gps makes it easy to define your location
  • quick response (often)
  • complaints are entertained -easy refund for any issues
  • visibility and recognition of important information -cars around your location/time til pick-up/cost of ride/car options
  • icons are recognisable
  • promos to encourage new users
  • cheaper than taxis (often)
  • easy and simple review system (of driver) -also recognises safety of the service
  • UberPool – I really like this feature as it makes the fares cheaper and also is beneficial for the environment because strangers share the ride instead of taking separate ones. It also shows how the company is constantly looking to improve and develop.


Smart Highways, Glowing Lines (glow-in-the-dark roads in the Netherlands)

This is definitely an innovative and forward-thinking use of UX design introduced to enhance road safety particularly in dimly-light streets.

  •  the project was conceived in 2012 by Heijmans and Studio Roosegaarde to create the “interactive and sustainable roads of tomorrow.”
  • uses luminescent paint that is charged by solar energy during the day and then glows for up to 10 hours when it gets dark
  • increases visibility
  • improves safety
  • sleek and simple design, aesthetically pleasing
  • easy to use/understand/see
  • environmentally friendly- solar powered


IKO Creative Prosthetic System

This innovation combines robotics, programming, and prototyping into a prosthetic arm that’s half prosthesis, half Lego set. It allows kids who are navigating the world with a disability to be able to create any kind of arm they want for themselves.

The prototype has a three main sections: a base that fits around an arm stump and senses for its movements, a “muscle” that translates those signals into motorized movements, and then the attachments, which can either be a conventional “hand” or many of the toy systems the Danish company has to offer.


  • an interactive, innovative and creative experience for users/kids
  • playful and fun approach to UXD -appropriate for the target audience
  • empowers children with disabilities
  • encourages the navigation of the relationship between their bodies and the technology that will enhance their abilities
  • its personalisable -can function according to the needs of the user
  • double function -an arm and a lego set


One more because this is really cool…

Smart Contact Lens created by Google and Novartis

A contact lens to help diabetics monitor their insulin levels from tears. Uses a small glucose sensor and a wireless chip to transmit information from the eye.


  • health tracker
  • removes the need to diabetics to pin prick themselves
  • simple to use
  • design makes it subtle to wear -also not different to normal contacts
  • Google is even working on LED lights that will notify a wearer of low blood sugar right in their field of view -immediate feedback to user
  • can be used for non-diabetics to simply monitor healthy eating/dieting


I discovered some more awesome UX examples on here https://www.fastcodesign.com/3063953/18-of-the-smartest-ux-designs-of-the-year