Product Design IV // Recess Week

Form exploration
Fiona x Shanelle

Location: Hall 7

This week we decided to do a recce at Hall 7, where the Pangolin once appeared. We wanted to go out and get a rough idea of where exactly we could place our sculpture in hall 7, how big would the dimension of the sculpture be and what kind of function could the sculpture serve as other than just being a decorative art piece.


(Without the modules yet, just the form. Modules will be added on to flow along the overall form.)

Wrapping around the tree. 

We were intending for the tail of sculpture to be a communal bench which extends out to be a large sculptural art piece around the tree. 

Other possibilities.

Moving forward

After consultation, we decided on the idea of the sculpture wrapping around the tree. Next, we will be making the models and deciding on the choice of material afterward. Some possibility to add on would be incorporating solar panels on the modular scales such that the sculpture could light up at night. 

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